February 14, 2011

Come To Egypt!

Today there was a really great event here in Hurghada to promote the Red Sea destination and let the world know that Egypt is safe. Tourism is really, really down these days because of recent events. Just last night driving through the city that is usually alive and full of tourists, it felt like a ghost town. I half expected a tumbleweed to roll across the street, but the turn out to today's event was big and gave us all faith that tourism in Hurghada and all of Egypt will be back soon and better than ever.

It was really fun and exciting to see everyone wearing I heart Egypt t-shirts and cheering for the country's recent victory. There was also a moment of silence to honor the martyrs of the revolution.

Here's a short video I took of an I Love Egypt conga line.

Would recent events deter you from visiting Egypt?

Today, Egypt is my Valentine ♥


  1. Very nice!!
    Best wishes for you and for The Lovely Eygpt...Om Edonya :)
    Happy Valentine!!

  2. Salaam sis...How I would loooove to come to Egypt! But alas my husband is Tunisian lol and so that will be my next international travel and then Hajj/umrah insha'Allah.

    Your girls are so beautiful, masha'Allah sis. May Allah protect them amin!

  3. I am so sad we missed this! We just booked tickets to come to hurghada this week! We are coming on Wednesday and staying til Friday! Can't wait!

  4. Dr. N, Thank you:)

    Umm Aaminah, Understandable! Thank you, alhamdulillah, ameen.

    Amalia! Aw,but hey I'd love to meet up if you have a chance!

  5. Love the pictures!
    and would love to come to Egypt.

  6. INSH ALLAH I will come in Egypt in 2 months for my wedding :)! ALHAMDULILALLAH! :)


  7. Alhumdulillah, so happy for Egypt! And that picture with the little girl holding the flag is adorbs!

    Would love to visit Egypt. One day, Insha'allah!

  8. Khadra, Glad to know not everyone's scared. It's totally fine here. People panicked at first but it's very safe.

    Kadreya Youssef, Congratulations, thanks!!

    HijabiMommy, I just had to take her picture! InshaAllah :)

  9. I would love to come to Egypt again inshaAllah! My next trip has to include Hurghada of course :)

  10. oh Mona I am sooooo gutted! Just as we were about to book our tickets Ahmed's work called and said he need to go in on Wednesday and Thursday now :( some promotion they want to launch this weekend.

    I am so fed up having had 3 weeks off work (2 weeks just me and Nora at home) and this was going to be so fun for a few days before school starts on Sunday.

    Our next holiday isn't til April :(

    Hopefully we will come to Hurghada again at some point because I would love to meet up with you and your lovely family.

  11. Washi, Great let me know!

    Amalia, aw man, I know how you feel. We were planning to go to Cairo for a little while before things happened so the mid year break kind of came and went but it's all good in the end. Hopefully in the spring :)

  12. Mona if you do come to Cairo we could meet up as well, city stars or something and have lunch :)

  13. Amalia, for sure, We always go there. :)

  14. Anonymous5:01 AM

    lol! Nothing can deter me from visiting masr one day in the near future. It's definitely a place I want to visit maybe summer 2012. The recent events made me want to fly to masr (lol you might think im crazy) personally it looked kind of interesting (minus the violence) I thought the whole "Foreign Nationals fly out ASAP!" was just soo .... what's the word I'm looking for hm.. (if you can find a good word lol fill it in!) But hamdolah people are still visiting and I'm really really really jealous of the weather!

  15. Perfectly Imperfect, Glad to hear it. Yea my sister said tons of people she met at a celebration for Egypt in the states wanted to come. I agree that people panicked and left, it was a little much.

  16. Mabrooooook ya Masr!!! So happy for you all.
    Mashallah, your daughters are so cute.
    I was telling my husband that I bet it's cheap to visit Egypt now and we should go. Maybe one day...

  17. I'm so happy this took place, it's beautiful. We need to do something like that in Cairo.


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