January 18, 2011

Love These

How completely adorable is this!?

Awww MJ.

Melts my heart!

And you know I had to add a Lost one.


  1. I love the kitty!!!

  2. Salaam sis. Did you know it showe the video (motion and all) as the post pic on my blog roll? So cute to look over and see animation. Def caught my eye...

  3. Oh and "Orange mocha frappacinos!"

    My boys and I LOVED Zoolander. lol

  4. been staring at the last one trying to figure out what the head of fur stands for .. or whether if it was a puppy or cat. im so slow usually so what is clear to others doesnt even cross my mind. i get that its and editted scene from zoolanders i love that part... ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPACINOS loool it was hilarious but i dont get the hairball :S

  5. Sheher6:34 AM

    Hahaha..LOL..awwwww the kitty is the cutest.
    The hairball comment above got me laughing hard. I too could not figure out what the black boom is.

  6. Amalia, It's the cutest kitty ever.

    Umm Aaminah, That's cool, I wouldn't have thought it did that. I love Zoolander too.

    Dinos, it's the smoke monster from the tv show Lost. It's 2 pop culture references in one.

    Sheher, lol yea, the smoke monster can pass for a hairball.

  7. Ahh surprised kitty!! =D

    Have you seen one of its parodies? This one's cute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Tj9S8mU2t4

    Or actually... I think the guy is cute lol

  8. I love the cat!! sooo cute


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