January 7, 2011

Coming Up Roses

I had this long piece of ribbon that was just lying around, from a gift, so I thought I'd make another rose pin. I made this black one a while back and thought a cream colored one would be cute too.

I've since made a bigger black one. It was wrapped pretty tightly and only needed a few stitches at the end to hold it together.
This time, I had less ribbon so I wrapped it looser and used a glue gun along the way, an idea I got from this tutorial.

I love making stuff. I wish there was a craft store here!


  1. Wow, those are gorgeous!!! I'm going to have to try my hand at these. Now, how would you wear these? On your hijab? {Sorry for the stupid question!}

  2. Salaam sis. Masha'Allah those are sooo pretty! I love seeing the crafts other people make.

    Ma salaama....

  3. You're so creative mashaAllah! I LOVE craft stores.

  4. HijabiMommy, Thanks, Do try, it's fun. I pin them on my chest like a broach.

    Umm Aamina, Alaikum alsalam, thanks! :)

    Londoneya, Thanks, do you know if there's any craft stores in Cairo?

  5. masha allah! how beautiful!

  6. Those are so pretty!

  7. Muslim Mama, Thanks!

    Missy, Thank you :)

  8. These are extremely pretty!
    Youre so creative, mashAllah! :)

  9. Mashallah, these came out beautiful. I've made rolled fabric flowers, but these look just like roses. Very nice.

  10. Smiley, thank you! I need more resources but I'm finding some recycled materials craft blogs.

    Amnah, you mean like the lace one on my sidebar? I'd love to know how exactly to make them.


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