June 17, 2010

Little Update

I've been in a kinda non bloggy mood lately, and kind of busy. The kids are doing swim practice again 3 times a week and loving it. I am enjoying sleeping in and no school/hw/nagging/studying.

We're going to visit my dad in Alex next week so, excited about that, my sister's coming too so...yay :)

So who plays OMGPOP? I love this site! Skye is to blame for getting me hooked. My favorite game is Draw My Thing, which is like a drawing/guessing game. I also like Blockles and Letterblox. Just to be honest, using the link above will give me credit if you sign up through it so, thanks!

Here are the kids at dinner last week.

At a friend's birthday party yesterday.

June 11, 2010

Egyptian Movies

I'm not a huge fan of Egyptian movies but there's one out that I want to see. It's called '3sal Eswed. It's about a guy who comes from the US to Egypt and well, it looks at some of the problems in Egyptian society through the eyes of an American. That's all I know but it intrigues me. Here's the trailer.

The thing is, I have no idea if it's family/kid friendly or not. Egypt doesn't make kid's movies and adult movies, they just make movies, and people take their kids. While most movies are pretty tame compared to Hollywood films, there's still a lot of things I'd rather not take my kids to see.

I wish there was a parental guide or rating system but I guess the only thing I can do is ask people if they've seen it and if there's anything inappropriate in it. I guess everyone has a different definition of inappropriate though. I do think most Ahmed Helmy movies are pretty clean. I guess I could see it with a friend or something.

I tend to like the old, black and white Egyptian movies with Faten Hamama , Omar Sherif, Abdel Haleem and Shadia more than new movies but I'm interested to see 3sal Eswed.

Movies were so glamorous back then, now most Egyptian movie ads I see feature belly dancing and stoned people.

June 3, 2010

Takin' It To The Streets/ Chicago June 19

I was recently asked to spread the word about this great street fair going on in Chicago, June 19, 2010, 9 am to 9 pm. Other events earlier in the week...

It sounds amazing, I wish I could go. If you're near by or will be, check it out.

20,000 people. 200 vendors.

100 artists. 4 stages.

1 day.

Takin’ It to the Streets is a Muslim-led festival where artistic expression, spirituality and urban creativity inspire social change.

Takin’ It to the Streets bridges today’s cultural divides by connecting diverse racial, ethnic, and religious communities through a dynamic festival. The festival will enrich cross-cultural community building not only in Chicago, but around the world.

Featured Artists:

  • Mos Def - Grammy Winner
  • Brother Ali – Minnesota, USA
  • Tinarwein – Mali
  • Chabab al Andalous – Morocco
  • Outlandish – Denmark
  • And many more!

Four Stages:

  • Unity Stage: Reflects this unifying principle and showcases the diverse musical talents of contemporary artists
  • Hip Hop Pavilion: Bringing together the elements of MCing, DJing, Breakin’, and graff art, with skateboarding and workshops
  • World Music Stage: Blending global expression of traditional art forms through international artists
  • Streets Stage: The festival’s signature stage bringing together dynamic performers and inspiring speakers


  • Faith & Justice: Speakers, panel discussion, and dialogue on a variety of issues relating to spirituality & social change
  • International Bazaar: Cultural artifacts, multi-ethnic cuisine, community organizations and more!
  • Health & Wellness Fair: Free health screenings, information on healthy living and refreshments
  • Sports Arena: 3-on-3 Basketball tournament open to all
  • Family Zone: Rides, interactive games, children’s activities, and family-friendly performances
  • Prayer Center: A quite space open all day for meditation, reflection and prayer

Additional Streets 2010 Events

Since its inception in 1997 as a single-day event, Takin’ It to the Streets has steadily grown in attendance and impact, and in 2010 it is preceded by a full week of events that embrace a new Muslim cultural renaissance.

Salaam Film Festival June 13-15: Location TBA

A three-day festival highlighting the power of film as a tool for peace and social change. The festival will also screen films from the One Chicago, One Nation online film contest.

Melodies from Morocco June 16: Old Town School of Folk Music

The festival continues with a performance by the renowned Orchestre Chabab Al Andalous from Morocco

Dandana: A Celebration of Muslim Voices June 17: Millennium Park

World Music artists Tinariwen, from Mali, and Omar Faruk Tekbilek, from Turkey, will perform at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion.

About the Producer

Takin’ it to the Streets is produced by the Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN), a globally recognized leader that aims to change, serve and inspire by working on social justice issues, delivering a wide range of direct services, and cultivating the arts in urban communities.

The Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Learn more about IMAN: www.imancentral.org

June 1, 2010


Zayneb went with a more casual cool/ mature look as she called it. I made her a bow but she decided it wasn't right for this "look". :)