April 28, 2010


Across the street from our building there are some shops, one of which is a small supermarket. My 2 older kids often go to buy stuff from there and sometimes I'll send them down to get something we need. Dawood's been going for years, Zayneb recently and Salwa goes only with one of them with her. I never thought anything of it, I just remind them to look both ways and be careful crossing.

Recently, my neighbor told me that I shouldn't let Zayneb go so much. She said that there are lots of men sitting at the cafe and working at the shops there that look at her. She said they are "See3eedi", meaning they were from villages and that to them she was nearly a woman even if Zayneb is a kid and runs carefree, and doesn't understand. She even mentioned that Zayneb is "prettty and white" and the guys could bother her.

I'm a little conflicted about this now. I hate the idea of treating boys and girls differently but what she said bothered me. Of course the idea of creepy guys oogling my 10 year old is very uncomfortable, but am I supposed to keep her locked up? Because of depraved weirdos? If you've ever been to Egypt you know boys and men cat call girls/women like it's the national past time. This just seems like punishing the victim.

Today she went to go get something and I told her, as I often do, don't talk to anyone and if anyone bothers you or says anything, don't look their way and ignore it. She came back and said that some guy was psspssspsssing at her and Salwa, but that they ignored it.

 I think, unfortunately, living here, she's going to have to learn how to react to this stuff on a daily basis. That they are trying to get a reaction. A giggle, a look, whatever and if she keeps looking ahead of her and ignores them, that's the best thing to do. Thoughts?

April 23, 2010

My Calling

I've become a geek. For real. I'm an html addict. I can't stop. And I love it. I had a lot of fun re-doing this blog template and the Swell Blog Design one. I take great pleasure in making the headers and tweaking the widths, playing with custom fonts and editing it all pixel by pixel. It feels so great when it all comes together and you see it, finished. But there's always something, just a little something I'd like to add or fix or whatever. I can spend hours and hours doing this. I swear I dream about it after.

Anyone else enjoy it as much? I really feel like I've found what I love and I really wish I could get good enough to do it for a living. Design complete templates and make custom layouts. It would be great for a stay at home mom.

For now I'm enjoying learning new ways to get my blogs looking just the way I like and helping out friends with theirs. That's an offer! See how pathetic? I'm trolling for blogs to edit!

April 13, 2010

Eat Pray Love and Next On My Reading List

I just finished reading this today, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the hype was too big for it. It didn't change my life, but it was a great read!

If you don't know, Eat Pray Love is a true story written by Elizabeth Gilbert about a year she spent traveling to find herself , after a difficult divorce. She spends the first 4 months in Italy, (Eat!) and learns the language she loves and amazing food. The next four months she spends in an Ashram in India, learning to meditate. (Pray) She then spends 4 months in Bali, Indonesia, to learn to balance pleasure and spirituality and she falls in love.(Love) I loved the Italy third, the second third lost my interest a little bit, just because she was all about reaching new levels of consciousness in meditation, etc, and for me, it just went over my head, but that's a personal thing. The Third half was great though. A really nice ending.

She does come off a little selfish at times, or unaware of her privilege but Lizz is a witty story teller and I liked a lot of the people she met on her journey.

Next I'm going to finish reading Veronica Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho.

Then I'll read whatever I feel like next on the list. Have you read Eat, Pray, Love or any of these other books? What did you think (no spoilers)?

April 11, 2010

Inferiority Complex

So I got a new broom. I'd always gotten the regular, cheap ones, I'd end up replacing all the time. Sometimes the wood would wear out in the screwy part that connects to the broom part and it would keep coming off as I swept. Is there anything more frustrating? The bristles had worn down and were matted and flattened like a bad hair day.

After sweeping up with the greatest of ease with my cool, new broom yesterday, I set the broom aside next to it's inferior predecessor, and I had to give a little chuckle. What a loser, I thought.

How this guy can even call himself a broom anymore is laughable. It's wooden handle has a slight curve from months of the same sweep, sweep, sweeping motion. Shorter, bristles unkempt, it looks so pathetic next to the new one.

The new Arix broom has sleek shiny black bristles and a rubber bumper to protect your furniture. It stands tall on it's own!

Indeed, my new broom is giving the old one an inferiority complex. I think it would be better to put the old guy out of his misery and put him on balcony duty.

April 10, 2010

Help Me Out Here?

What is this?

This. What the hell is this?

It was on an elastic cord sewn into the pocket of Dawood's new board shorts. He showed it to me after our day at the waterpark after finding it in there, of course I promptly removed it, it's quite sharp! What is it? It's been driving me crazy so I thought I'd put it out to the internet.

Is it an emergency shark attack defense weapon? A bottle opener? I tried Google, thinking I'd see it as some kind of weird surf short feature, but the company's website is in a foreign language and doesn't have anything about this thing.

What do you think it is?

April 7, 2010


Hey, I haven't really been posting a lot. Just haven't had any brilliant post ideas. We've had a week off school and they just went back today. It was nice to have a break. I think it's the last break for 2 months till school ends. I will be so happy, I can't wait for summer vacation. School here stresses me out.

The weather has been gorgous lately and we took advantage of it yesterday and went to a water park. It was such a blast. I love slides and oh yea, the kids had fun too!

Most of the time we were too busy having fun and near the end as we were about to go, I remembered I didn't take a single photo. This is the kiddy area, Safiyah loved this!

Me and the older three spent most of the time on the big slides, which I didn't get any photos of but you can see part of one in the background here. Aaah! It was so much fun!

Salwa brushing her hair out, she's such a girly girl. Didn't want me to take a pic before she fixed her hair.

Can you tell he loves having his pic taken? I think he has chocolate on his mouth or something.

In other news it was our 14th wedding anniversary yesterday and as well as some new
gym clothes from Adidas, I got lovely flowers and chocolates!

April 1, 2010

Recent Adventures

On our way to the safari


The view from atop a camel!

80 yr old turtle

Albino Python

Karma Camelion


Cutest Fox EVARRR!

Big Scary Python

Cute little hedgehog

Cute little snake.

Poor Peacock. The cage isn't big enough for him to spread his tail.

Later, dinner and a show.

Glass bottom boat

All smiles!

Can you feel the love?

The Red Sea

The view from the glass bottom.

Safiyah is standing on that boat thingy.

Choosing the right ball.

Waiting for my turn, Mom was playing and got the highest score!

Yay, strike for Salwa!

And Lows

Bowling shoes and ugly carpet. All part of the experience.