December 1, 2010


I bet you didn't know that Jessica Alba promoted socks. I bet she doesn't know it either.

It's funny,  I see this kind of thing here all the time. There's a men's barber near by that's apparently backed by Ricky Martin and David Beckham. Face creams that bear the image of Nikki Taylor and  Drew Barrymore are common. I think most of this stuff is made in China, somehow they get away with the free celebrity endorsements.

P.S. Jasmina, the socks made me think of you! :)


  1. And I love the "brand" names. Top Grade? lol A kind sister from Morocco sent some gifts to the children once and the glittery hair pins were labeled "Fancy 'n Lovely" or something like that. :-) Cute and funny!

  2. Umm Aaminah, I know what you mean by the names, they crack me up!

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Moooonaaa :))),
    girl you can't do this to me :)))...I want these sock right now :)))!
    My God,I thought...oh that's something completely new,JA promoting socks!But,believe me honey,if I'd see them I'd buy them for sure,be it that they are made in China or anywhere else :).And yes,probably I'd keep all the packages and store my sock in them just so that I'd see JA whenever I'd open my drawer with socks :DD!Yes,don't tell me,I know it,I'm crazy :DDD!

  4. haha, hilarious!
    Oh, and I TOTALLY relate to your weight loss struggles. I hear ya.

  5. Jasmina, lol, I didn't know the extent of it. I threw the package out. Sorry Jess.

    Umm Omar, thanks yea it's good for a laugh.

  6. One of my favs out of china.. is the Hello Kitty backpack backed by.. "Barbie"

  7. I think we may have the same stuff here in Malaysia LOL, I've seen David Beckham's face on cheap men's products way too many times.

    As for the female celebrities, sometimes they make slight changes such as the colour of their eyes.


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