December 9, 2010


I'm sick. It's horrible. You know the feeling...

Your nose is so blocked up you can't even sleep. NO not the alarm clock already!
You're coughing so much, your stomach muscles are sore. I didn't know I had abs.
The rest of your body aches just as much. Someone rub my shoulders?
You go through 500 tissues in a day and they surround you and litter the bed and floor. I'll get those later.
You're sick of soup and orange juice. I know, I know, fluids. Your head is heavy and pounding. SHHHHHH!
You're hot one minute then freezing the next. Where are those socks!? Somewhere under the blankets. 
You're taking meds that make you sleepy but life can't wait for you to take a nap. It's bedtime kids, that means you're supposed to be IN BED.

You've completely forgotten what it feels like to feel normal, to be healthy and you swear to never take that for granted again.

Until you do. Alhamdulillah.


  1. oooooh, yes, I know that! And soubhanAllah, I always tell myself I won't take good health for granted again.

    "I didn't know I had abs." LOL!!
    Salamtik! Feel better!!

  2. I've escaped it so far, but prayers in the mosque can hardly be heard through all the coughing lately. Weather change. It's inevitable. Hope you get well soon.

  3. AWWW, poor sweet Mona!!
    I know how it feels when you get sick with kids and family that you need to take care off. I hope by now you are feeling better. Allha yshfeki ya rab.
    Take care

  4. Aww, get well soon sis!

  5. Salamtik!! Feel better soon, inshaaAllah :-)

  6. Anonymous7:28 PM

    You captured the feeling so perfectly... Now we all have a reminder to be grateful for health. Thanks!
    Hope u feel better Mones... love eman

  7. heheh you so so funny and cute . :)
    get well soon Mona and InshAllah you shall be wells in no time


  8. aww thank you for your lovely comment =)

    you rest up and get well soon!! x

  9. I can SO relate at the moment. Fever + cough + sore throat =(

    Get well soon, Mona!

  10. Thanks everyone! Feeling better :)


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