December 21, 2010


Haven't had much to blog about lately, getting over sickness, not doing much. The kids have mid year exams soon then the break so we're looking forward to that. Might go on a little trip, we'll see, inshaAllah.

I love changing the template. I'll spend hours and can't stop until I love it. I'm not crazy about this blog template but I need to sleep soon. Plus, it won't kill me to leave it for a while till I find what I want.

It's been getting colder here lately. Of course cold here is not the same as cold in the US or elsewhere. You see all the tourists in shorts and tanks and the Egyptians are wearing sweaters and coats. It's all relative. It's still warm and sunny during the day. It goes down to the 50s (10c) at night. The thing is there's no indoor, central heat so the houses are stone and they get cold. It's sometimes colder inside than it is outside in the sun. I do like the chance to bundle up a little and break out the warm blankets and fuzzy slippers though. 

My apartment needs a big clean up, I have to organize the kid's clothes because so far I've taken out the winter stuff but haven't put away the summer stuff so it's a mess, my stove is gross, I need to get on it. Last time I did some major cleaning a couple of weeks ago I had a major asthma attack cause of the dust. The doctor told me not to dust. How can I not dust in Egypt? E suggested getting a cleaning lady to help but I'm not a fan of the idea.  As touched upon in Londoneya's post,  they tend to flood your place with water and it's just a whole hassle and you have to help anyway, I can't just sit there and have a woman clean around me. Maybe I'll get a surgical mask and then unearth the under bed clothing storage and spray oven cleaner.

Even when I think I don't have anything to say, I miss blogging and ramble on about nothing. Thanks for listening.


  1. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Well you could get a little help with the oven so you will not breath in the bad fumes.
    Take care and don't sweat the small or big stuff[however you might look at it].

  2. It is always a pleasure hear you talking :)
    Take it easy on your self, just do one thing at a time.

  3. Housekeeping is not so easy. If you're not well there's no harm in getting some help. Women like to handle things on their own, I know, but just this once couldn't be so bad =)

    Get well soon. Salamat.

  4. OMG, I loooooooooove the template :)

  5. I'm the same as you; love looking for new templates. I use a mask when I'm cleaning my cats' room because their fur can irritate me. Found good ones at the pharmacy! Inshallah things will settle down soon:) Thanks for the link x

  6. your blog always cute!

  7. Umasiya, It's ok the fumes are not as bad as the dust. I just spray the heck out of it and let it soak for a while then come back and scrub it to death.

    Dr. N, Thanks sweetie.

    Shahira Elaiza, Thanks, I don't know I'll just take it slow.

    Asiya, Thanks. It's not bad, little things like pixels out of place annoy me but I'll live.

    Londoneya, I can't have cats because of my allergies, maybe I need to get them their own room! JK. :)

    Angie Nader, thanks :)

  8. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Awww Mona, I feel for you. I think that is what kicked up my attack.
    Can you hire someone to come in and do a major dust vacuum, and only then have them do mopping and scrubbing? They might be in less supply or not available there, but a HEPA filter on the vacuum helps me a great deal.

    It helps me to use a mask for the dust flying around part, then I can letit settle on the floor and do the mopping after the majority of the dust is gone. You might also watch and see how your lungs feel after you use anything with bleach. I can't use anything with bleach or ammonia or it will set off an attack.

    It really sucks not being able to do it how and when you want, but I am sure the family would much rather you be around, instead of a perfect floor you and in the hospital from a serious attack. God Forbid!

  9. Lizze, Yea I'm getting a mask and yea bleach sets it off too. I do always open windows and I'm careful. Thanks though, I'm doing a little every day.


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