December 29, 2010

Rain, Shopping & Other Stuff

So we got some rain today, it's really rare for it to even drizzle here in Hurghada. This is only the second time it's rained this year. The last time was in January, I posted about it and it was quite a heavy rainfall and a mess. Thankfully today it didn't rain very hard but there was thunder and lighting and the kids were really excited about that. Well, most of them. Salwa was convinced lightning would strike us.

This past week I was getting some new clothes for the kids. It was so easy when they were young. I'd just pick out what I thought was cute and it was fun and easy. Now that they have opinions on style and what's cool, it's a nightmare for me. To be fair, Dawood (12) doesn't care, he isn't picky and isn't into his looks yet. Safiyah, (6) loves everything and is an easy shopper. Salwa (almost 9) and Zayneb (almost 11) are the tough ones.They hardly like anything and I have to convince them to try stuff on just to see how it looks. Sometimes something looks so different on and then they are convinced. I went from store to store trying to find stuff they liked, that matched and that I approved of. I kept trying to explain that if they want to wear boots, then you need to wear skinny jeans, and if you're going to wear skinny jeans then I'd like you to wear a longish shirt. It took 2 days and a few exchanges but we were all finally happy with their purchases in the end. Zayneb had me take this picture minutes after we got home so she could see her ensemble.

I didn't get a chance to get a new abaya like I wanted. That's a trip I like to make alone or with just one kid. Zayneb's my fitting room guard since most fitting rooms here are a little booth with a curtain. I hope to go soon, with any luck I'll find one that I really like.  I did get a few little things recently, though. 

This scarf called my name. I love the colors and it goes great with any
black abaya. 

These hijab pins were just 4.50LE, that's like 80cents or something.

Love these earrings, the bows are so cute.

My friend gave me this flower pin. It's also a hair band. 
You know when food is just so pretty, you have to take a picture?
That was the case with these here strawberries, mashaAllah.

We are about to start midyear exams and it's such a pain because they are spread out over 2-3 weeks. Starting next week they don't have school except for the days of exams. Some days 2 of them have a test and some days just one of them, some none. The last exam is Dawood's on Jan 20.  Then we have a break until Feb 12. I can't wait. My mom's coming then and we can do lots of fun stuff when there's no school. Stay up and watch movies. Go out and not worry about HW or studying. Go away maybe. I'm really looking forward to it.


  1. Everything looks cute! and inshallah the exams go well for all of them!

  2. Salaam sis. I can soooo relate about how difficult it is to clothe 4 kids, and not meaning just the $$$ either.

    It's either too short or too tight or too low cut OR too expensive. :-)

    Ma salaama....

  3. nice post and pics and good luck on the exams

  4. wow a life without having to endure rain literally everyday is something i envy!

    I relate to the clothes buying issue, though i'm not a mother, my 9year old sister is a nightmare to shop for. She's growing up extremely fast so most clothes are useless after a few wears. That coupled with the fact that she now has opinions on what looks good and what doesn't, drives me up the wall. I swear I wasn't that choosy at her age!

  5. I love the flower pin and the scarf, those are sooo pretty!

  6. Sweet Escape, Thanks! InshaAllah.

    Umm Aaminah, yea, I'm done till spring inshaAllah!

    Dino$, Thank you!

    Ashi, Yea I guess it's ok. The good thing about 3 girls is the hand-me-downs as long as stuff is in good condition. I know I wasn't that picky!

    Kelly, Thanks! :)

  7. I love the hijab pins! I haven't seen them in Malaysia though. I hope I can get my hands on em.

    All the best to the kids <3

  8. May Allah bless your family and protect you all:) You reminded me...I need to go shopping for winter clothes and shoes...left most of my winter stuff back home because I had no idea how cold it got here! x

  9. Rayhaanah9:18 PM

    lovely post:) All the best for the kids exam...exam dates here in Jordan for my son are quite similar - just a pity that it drags on too long though: the winter vacation will be a welcome relief indeed!

  10. Rayhaanah, Thanks, they need it. Yep, can't wait.:)


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