December 3, 2010

Nice And Neat

Houda's post inspired me today! No, I didn't refinish a dresser. I cleaned out and organized my dresser top and drawer. Well, my half anyway. Actually, I take up more like 2/3rds of the space. :)

I didn't take a before picture, it was pretty bad. Let's just leave it at that.

Stuff is so much easier to find now. It was a jumbled mess and now I can see everything at once.

This jewelery box was taking up space, and not holding much because I thought it had to be for fine jewelery only, but I figured I'll just use it for my watches and costume jewelery.

I keep stealing glances at it. Yes, I'm that easily amused.


  1. "Actually, I take up more like 2/3rds of the space. :)"

    Ha! Now I don't feel so bad, lol!

    Looking good, girl...looking good :)

  2. I am the same way. For example, if I've went through and purged our ridiculously small, oddly designed closet that holds THREE people's clothes, I love to just walk, er, squeeze in and take a glance. I like the feeling of accomplishment. :-)

  3. you have such lovely stuff! everytime i tidy mine, it never really stays that i kind of just don't tidy it up as often =D

  4. :-) doesn't it feel wonderful to be organised?

    Love this post!

  5. Anonymous1:30 AM

    So nice :)!

  6. Asiya, lol, nah don't feel bad. Women need more room in that respect. Thanks!

    Umm Aaminah, I do the same after cleaning the fridge.:)

    Aisha, Thanks, I hope I keep it nice, I said the same thing about my hijab drawer and now I have that drawer stuck cause I bought more. Time to clean that out again.

    Houda, It does :) Thanks for the inspiration.

    Jasmina, Thank you.:)

  7. Looks great! I need to do this too.
    I just cleared out Nora's dresser yesterday, somehow it's easier to keep hers nice and tidy than my own...

  8. Amalia, Thanks. That's cause baby stuff is just to darn cute!

  9. beautiful jewelry that brings greetings from Italy, I have a BLOg on tourism in Tuscany ;-)

  10. Wonderfully done Mona!

    I feel like I am doing one project or another every day. One project or another, but the bedroom/closet is a daily disaster. Its one of those poorly designed super tiny models as well, and if I dont keep everything perfect.. AVALANCHE!!! (Add in a hubby who "tries" out more clothes before deciding what to wear, than any style obsessed american teenager, and you get the picture).

    Pretty jewelry box.. and wishing I had brought mine. Hmmm.. new shopping quest :)

  11. Wow, did I make a mess of that comment or what? *hangs head in embarrassment*

  12. Alexa, Thank you :)

    Khadra, not a mess at all. I have too many projects, I really need to get on them. I did fold all of my scarves in the drawer and took out the ones I don't use. The girls helped. Next: the closet.

  13. 5 minutes after the husband walked out the door for work, the building power went out (about 9:30am) and did not return until 2pm. So.. today ended up being major project day for me.

    Defrost the freezer (might as well, its OFF right?)

    Laundry.. the never ending laundry.

    This time, that included washing the curtains! Yes Mona, I finally did it, lol.

    That meant cleaning the windows, walls and floors around the curtains too.. weee... leading to mopping all the floors. Rearranged the bedroom, and completely reorganized and cleaned the dressed table. (you inspired me)

    The closet is once again the great wall of china, and not an avalanche waiting to happen.

    Progress.. but oh so tired now.

  14. Khadra, now that's a productive day. I need to get on several things and soon!

  15. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Mona, youre' so neat mashaAllah! I love that, girl! You're very inspiring.

    Oh and may I suggest a blog? It has so many cool things!

    Enjoy and good luck! :)


  16. Anon/Lameese, Thanks, this blog is great. Following!

  17. Mona, I love your make up and perfume collection. I have used the Lolita Lamplica and LOVED it. I am currently using the Escada, Desire me. Simply BEAUTIFUL. I wish I have that many perfumes. I own 3 at this time 2 of them are Escada and one YSL.
    Good use of space and space savers :)

  18. Dr. N, Lolita is one of my favorites. I know I have too many and shouldn't acquire any more for the next few years!


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