December 8, 2010


The 24 HOUR PHOTO CHALLENGE is an online photography contest where the competitors receive the contest rules and regulations at a specified hour and have only 24 hours to shoot, edit and submit their photo to the judges.  
This is an international competition and does not necessitate that you live in a specific timezone to participate. However, you must coordinate your time accordingly because for each contest the rules are given at the specific time and you have 24 hours from the release of each contests specific rules and guidelines to complete your photos. 
Each contest will have a different theme and none of the participants will know the theme until the release of the rules at the start of the competition.

 You can use any camera you have for this challenge. Anybody can participate. Just go to the Facebook page and click Attending.  

Mustafa Davis is a judge and sponsor of the contest and is an extremely talented photographer, you should take a look at  his work.

I should also mention that the contest is sponsored by, among other companies, Zenhom, my brother's clothing company.

More contest and prize information is available here.


  1. This sounds great, thanks for sharing!

  2. Londoneya, I'm exited for it! Can't wait to see the theme chosen.

  3. Thanks for posting about this Mona. I definitely will take part :)

  4. Will be taking part, inshaAllah! And your brother has a clothing company? Cool!

  5. Amina, Great, I'm excited!

    Shahirah Elaiza, yay! Yea, the site is being re-done right now but I'll post links when it's ready. Men's traditional and modern clothing.


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