November 28, 2010

What I've Been Feeling Lately

I hate this. Ever since Eid I haven't counted a point or watched what I eat nearly as well as I was. I was doing so good and I was so excited about it all and now I'm feeling so unmotivated. I don't like feeling this way or the fact that I feel this way.

I keep reading old posts trying to get that intangible something that I had. The thing that made me want to make healthy foods and keep track of my eating. I'm still walking in the mornings, I haven't put any weight back on but I'm at a stand still for the past couple of weeks.

I didn't want to post this to get a bunch of "You can do it" and "don't give up" comments because I know you guys support me, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I just needed to get it out.

I  think about the big picture and I think, my life is good alhamdulillah, and I'm happy and I'm lucky to have a great family and good friends, this is one thing that I really struggle with. I don't want to go backwards but I need to just jump into it and get back in the groove.

I know I have to do this. I just have to man up, or woman up, really.  InshaAllah, maybe I don't have to keep blogging about it every week but I hope that I will want to. If I'm successful I'm sure I'll want to share.

I'm definitely not where I used to be though. I used to eat everything I wanted in any quantity I wanted at any time and didn't feel a tinge of guilt. These past couple of weeks I'm eating but not bingeing or anything. Just eating enough of whatever to satisfy my craving.

I have a huge craving for turkey and mashed potatoes this week, you can guess why and I'll probably make some soon. I made this yesterday and it was really good. Pasta salad with 'crab' and veggies. I did't use too much mayo. I tried the light kind and it was gross.

I just wanted to get that out and let you guys know where I'm at. I think after "confessing" I'll be more motivated to get back on track. Thanks for listening!


  1. I know how you feel. Inshallah you will get motivated and it will get easier with time!

    That pasta also looks really yummy!

  2. Maybe you don't need to count calories, points or keep a food diary. Maybe you just need to go with your gut like you did with the pasta salad, eat healthily and cut down on the unnecessary condiments. There's a balance somewhere between eating what you like, as much as you like, when you like and counting every little kcal.

  3. Salaam sis. You know, mayo deserves its own food group status! I'm sure at least 15 lbs of me is mayonnaise. Wow, that sounds gross.

    Anyway I don't use the light either. Its very sweet tasting which absolutely throws me off.

    I always hit those plateaus too; what used to help me was a website called Its great if you have alot of extra time. :-) You log all of the food you eat, all of your activites; it shows you lots of charts and graphs which excite the heck outta me.

    Anyway just a thought; and its free btw.:-)

    Ma salaama....

  4. I use mayo, I just cut it with olive oil in salads.:)

    I totally understand where you are coming from, sis. I've been on every diet you can think of....except WW. I'm just coming off a "diets don't work" phase and I've gained back the 35 lbs I lost dieting...sigh. So as of tomorrow I'm trying to eat 80%-90% whole foods and eat smaller portions. This, I have never tried. Insha'Allah I will be sucessful. Diets DO WORk!but total deprivation doesn't..this is what I learned. Insha'Allah you will get to your goal size.

  5. Sweet Escape, Thanks! InshaAllah.

    Jaz, I was thinking that too, I might see how that goes.

    Umm Aaminah, lol, I'll check that out,thanks!

    Zanjabil, cool name :) Thanks, I wish you the best as well.

  6. Ever tried whole wheat pasta? :) it's very tasty. I think you should go back to regular mayo on whole wheat lolz.
    It's just a plateau, keep at it. In fact, if you can exercise a little bit harder for the next two weeks, you will not only skip the plateau, but throw your body on to a weight loss momentum! It has happened to me before and it was great feeling :)

  7. I agree with Jaz!

    Here is an awesome recipe I tried this weekend and it was a MAJOR hit with my Egyptian guests.

  8. Ayesha, I have, you're right, it is good. I should just buy it all the time. Thanks for the tip on the plateau, that sounds great.

    Organica, that looks delicious. I'll definitely try it.

  9. Wow... I finally made it through the gauntlet of trying to create a blog account here in english (not arabic)! Google sure makes this a hassle, lol.

    (I mailed you yesterday.. am the one from Hurghada).

    Diets can be such a pain, none ever really worked for me either. For me, what worked:

    not eating after 7pm (when the metabolism is slow)

    eating my largest meal earlier in the day, and keeping the evening meal light.

    Eliminating those sodas! *shudder* This was a big one.

    DO eat breakfast. It gets the metabolism moving earlier in the day. The extra energy will help motivate you to take those walks :)

    Little changes like this, helped me get going... keep going.. and keep it off!

    I am new to your blog, but I have been so excited reading through all the posts! I agree the light mayo is gross. Cutting back on how much you use should be more than sufficient though.

    Did you ever find an icecream maker? I used to make low sugar/low fat sherbets in mine, and I saw one at Spinneys last week.

    Good luck!

  10. Khadra, I hate when Google does that, I finally figured out how to get Chrome not give me the search results in Arabic. I'm sorry I must have missed your email or didn't get it..can you resend it? Always nice to know another Hurghada dweller.

    Thanks for the great tips, I'll have to look at the ice cream maker next time I'm at Spinneys! I don't have room in my kitchen but it might be worth it. Thanks again :)

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  12. Search results in arabic.. oh yeah.. been there. Or the search engines defaulting to showing regional web sites first. Quite the pain when I am really trying to find a site in the UK or US *giggle*

    Wow.. thanks for letting me know you didnt get the mail. I never have trusted web interfaces to get the mail where it needs to go. LOL.

    This time I mailed you direct from my yahoo account, hopefully it wont get lost! (this sure is sounding like an egypt post office story :P )

    The ice cream maker is small (shorter but slightly wider than a blender), and of the "put the tub in the freezer for 24 hours" variety. I had the same model in the USA, and it worked quite well for soft serve ice cream and sherbets.

    Now if I can just convince blogspot to change my picture.. all will be well in my world! lol. It shows properly on my blog, but not on the blogs of the people I am following. Le sigh.

  13. Khadra, I got your email, about to reply:) Blogger can be annoying, lately it takes forever for my comments to post and sometimes it just times out. I think the thumbnail will change on following widgets eventually.

  14. Dear Mona,

    I'm sorry I haven't read this before,because I can understand how difficult it is at times to eat healthy.You know these things go far back into our childhood and how we were thaught to eat.These habits are so rotten inside of us and to change them isn't an easy job.But,it's possible,step by step!Believe me,I'm also trying hard and there are days when,oh God,I could stuff a whole chocolate cake in my mouth.
    You know what helps me,if now and then I plan on having some good snack...maybe after a week of good eating.That's what really helps me!Sometimes when I crave something really sweet or similarly indulgent,I say to myself..."Don't worry,this weekend you'll go to that pastry shop and you'll have something really fine :)!"
    I also think that it's a good idea that you keep on writing on here about your progress.That should motivate you :)!
    And please,be strong :) see it was's normal that in such occasions one eats more...but you noticed yourself that all in all you were eating good,maybe just a bit more.That for me is an achievement,because the most important thing is to eat good.If we sometimes happen to eat more than needed,well you know,it happens =).

    A strong hug my beautiful lady :)!

  15. aw, my comment didn't go through!!

    well, everyone else has said what i wanted to say... except...

    i have fallen off the diet wagon again.

    i've climbed back on. now if i can only will myself to start exercising again. *sigh*

  16. At the end of the day it really isn't about the food but rather all about mental strength. It's the hardest kind to work on! Hope you keep on keeping on sis =)

  17. Hello - I somehow came across your blog. There are a lot of great suggestions here :) I pray you find something that works for you. Someone mentioned - there's also ... both are great tools (and free).

    Can you please tell me what "Eid" means? I've seen it in a few places but don't know what it means.

    Love, js

  18. Sorry, sometimes I get behind on replying to comments.

    Jasmina, Thanks, I do that sometimes too, its a good idea, Thanks sweetie.

    Kit Pryde, Hope we both stay on.

    Shahira Elaiza, Thanks, you're right it's all up there.

    Joanne, Thank you, I'll check that one out too. Eid is a Muslim holiday, I'm sure you can find a wiki article about it. Thanks again :)


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