November 23, 2010

Luxor Part II

The hot air balloon ride was an unexpected treat. We hadn't planned on going and although I've always wanted to fly in a balloon, I never really thought it would actually happen. It's actually not scary at at all. It was bigger than I expected. This balloon held about 18 people including kids and the operator/pilot. It's divided into 5 sections. One in the middle for the pilot, and four other sections. There were elderly people so you know it was fine. I noticed there were a lot of retired couples on vacation in Luxor, it made me smile.

Anyhow the  take off was really smooth and the landing was just a tiny bump, not bad at all. All in all it was surreal and very exciting.

The anticipation!

Our balloon...

Other balloons getting ready.

We're in!

The inside of the balloon from the basket.

And we're off the ground.

Up, up and away!

Getting higher.

Pay no attention to the man picking his nose behind me.


I love how the crops look so neat from above.

Our shadow on the mountains.

Getting really high up now.

The song "From A Distance" comes to mind.

Zayneb, checkout the operators tie.

Back on solid ground.

The "official" certificate, oops, didn't fill in my name yet.

Dawood, proud, he wore the t-shirt on the same day.

Some fun at the pool

The next day, we took a faluka  boat ride on the Nile, to a little banana farm. It was cute, the breeze was great and we got to look at all the cruise boats and some farm animals.
Dawood and Essam

I didn't get a good picture but there were lots of water buffaloes.

Down a little trail to banana island.

Banana trees everywhere you look.

It was a great trip and if you're into the historical aspects, even better.  I love going away for a bit, it recharges you and makes you miss your regular life a little bit.  It's a great break from the monotony, housework, school and a chance to be lazy without guilt. I'm already looking forward to hopefully going somewhere for the mid year break! Gotta have those things to look forward to, but at the same time, I'm trying to enjoy the now, inshaAllah.


  1. Masha'Allah loved your photos! I had no idea the hot air balloons went so high. :-) I think I would get vertigo but it really looked like fun!

    And sis masha'Allah you are so beautiful. You looked happy, relaxed, and peaceful. Vacations are niiiiice. :-)

  2. Mona, I've always wanted to ride in a hot air more reason to visit Luxor :)

  3. Forgot to add that I love the pics with you and kids the most...your girls are just as gorgeous as their Mom!!!

  4. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Oh,if this ain't beautiful =)!
    And you also look so great...I can see that you're eating well,because you have that certain radiance :).
    Kiss,kiss honeybee :)!

  5. Umm Aaminah, Only one woman felt dizzy but it was fine with everyone else and my younger 2 kids usually get motion sickness. Thanks.

    Washi, I hope you get to go, thanks :)

    Jasmina, aw, thanks chickadee!

  6. Oh yea It's 100 US $ per person and kids were 50% but it varies because of different companies. I've heard they will bargain for a group etc.

  7. Oh yea It's 100 US $ per person and kids were 50% but it varies because of different companies. I've heard they will bargain for a group etc.

  8. How fun! Now I want to ride in one!

  9. Amalia, inshaAllah you should, it's great.

  10. niyelik! Your tan is gorgeous!

    What a perfect holiday, right in your backyard!

  11. ohhhhhhhhhh. those pictures make me want to go try hot air balloons next opportunity.

    but i don't know if the ones here in malaysia are as big as the one you rode in.

    oh bananas!! i had that for breakfast today hahahah.

  12. Houda, what's niyelik mean? Anyone? :)

    Kit Pryde, I bet a smaller one would be more exciting!

  13. The hot balloon ride looks magical =)

  14. I love that pic of you on the balloon but the rest of em make me sick cuz I hate heights!!! The rest of the trip looks like fun though:)

  15. Shahirah Elaiza, I used the same word to describe it to a friend!

    Stephanie, thanks! I'm serious, it wasn't scary, it felt really safe but I understand phobias.


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