October 27, 2010

Your Blog And Your Life

So, bloggers. When do you tell people in your life about your blog?  Do you tell them at all? How do you feel about people in your every day life, friends, family reading your blog?

My blog's not a secret or anything,  but I don't go telling people about it all the time. Close friends know about it and family does. You can't assume everyone that knows about your blog reads it regularly, so it can be a little awkward when you go to tell someone about something, then you realize you wrote about that on your blog, so you're just being redundant if they do read regularly.

What do you think? Do you tell people? No? Why or why not?


  1. I linked my blog to my fb and then kind of regretted it later. There have been a couple of times that I've wanted to express something and then realized that the person i was angry at might be reading.

    I've also at times censored myself and my feelings about conservative Islam for fear of real life backlash. Generally though, my blog is quite inocuous and it's not a problem. I get quite alot of people tell me how much they like it which feeds my ego as well.:)

    One day a woman in my community whom I had never met approached me and asked me if i was Muslim mama. That was weird. I didn't know if I should feel like a celebrity (ha!) or just violated some how.

  2. ditto Stephanie. At first I linked to my blog on FB because the purpose of it was to keep friends up to date with me when I moved to Egypt. Then I was embarrased because clearly I don't have many true friends as I never used to get a single comment and I think my best friend only checked the blog once. So I deleted my link off of facebook.

    I don't get many comments in general. I don't even know why I blog, but I have to say I did look back on posts I wrote a while ago and it was kind of nice to remember those days/events so maybe it'll be more like a time capsule of memories for me in the future.

  3. Salaam Sis,

    I love your Blog layout :-)

    Well, everyone who knows me IRL already know whatever I'm gonna say on my Blog because either we talked about it or they saw my Facebook. Sometimes if they want more information they just say "so I saw on your Blog..." and I give more details than I did on the Blog because I trust them than some random stranger who comes across it.

  4. I don’t tell about it intentionally. It happened several times that I said in front of my friends that I have a blog but that was while talking about something and I’ll say; oh, I have talked about that in my blog. However, I don’t know if they have been to it or not. I know some has though!!
    I did not want to link it to my FB so I can have the freedom of posting what I want. Or maybe because I feel that the things that I talk about in my blog have not yet reached the level where I like people to know about and look forward to read it.
    Good argument Mona. BTW, love the new layout :)

  5. Anonymous1:52 AM

    No matter how many times you change your blog layout, it is still al joy to read! Although I may not say this enough, I want you to know that reading your blog is absolutely amazing! Sometimes I am depressed and I need to feel like someone understands, I will read one of your posts, feel you relate, have a chuckle, be inspired, and learn something new all at once. And no, you are not redundant, I am so thankful that we always have so much to talk about, what would life be without my sister? I don't ever want to imagine it...I was just telling someone I just met about my friends I left when I moved and how I am so lucky that I have my sister and brother, because they are friends for life. I am not currently blogging but love reading them and appreciate yours. love eman

  6. People in my day to day life don't know about my blog and I like it that way. It's a place for me to talk about things I'm not ready to talk about with friends and family like being Muslim and everything that goes along with that.

  7. My hubby knows about my blog and my FIL reads it all the time because it makes him feel that he's a part of what's going on.

    4 good friends know, but that's it. I actually changed blogs because I had an issue with a family member from hubby's side who was really making a problem about what I divulged. I couldn't tell some of my blog friends that I was abandoning my blog because she had found my new blog through them, so I started a newer blog and didn't tell anyone. I hate that kind of drama. I was grieving and just wanted to write my thoughts, so I didn't care about an audience as much, but it still annoyed me that I was writing in private. Finally I opened the blog but I never enjoyed blogging as I did before.

    I never link my personal blog, and I don't have FB so I like to keep it that way.

    Sorry for long comment Mona.

  8. Salaam ya'll. Well I sometimes will link a blog post to my fb when I think it has something relevant. I think I have the opposite problem from you, Steph. I am afraid sometimes the non-Muslims who are on my fb will misunderstand my more conservative interpretation of Islam and take it as a personal attack. Which of course its not, its just MY blog and MY thoughts and MY understanding of our beautiful religion.

    So sometimes I've regretted for example letting my family know about it just because I never want them to think I am judging them or (mentally) condemning them to hell.

    Otherwise, I do edit what I write in terms of very personal things such as conflicts with family or friends (including any issue with my husband if there was one).

    Sometimes I wanna just vent if there is a thing that annoys me but I have to remember, backbiting and abusing someone's trust is the same, whether it's online or in person. So I try to stay clear from that fitnah!

    Anyhoo, that's my .02 cents plus! Ma salaama and I'm another lover of your blog (and many of the other sisters above!)

  9. Stephanie, yea I had it off my fb for a while then decided I didn't care who read it or not, I wasn't writing anything about anyone personally, just worried Egyptians could get offended but I'm only speaking the truth. Lol, once someone came up to my mom in the US and asked if she was MamaMona's mom. :) She knew from the last name, but I've since kept it an initial.

    Amaliea, I used to get annoyed when I didn't get as many comments but then I decided I liked blogging for other reasons but feedback is still a good thing.

    Aalia, thanks, Same here, It's a conversation starter sometimes.

    Dr. N, I do that too, also sometimes people wonder why I'm taking pics of stuff and I just say I'm writing an article about so and so, in Arabic.

    Eman, Thanks I really appreciate it, You and Omar are my besties too.

    Candice, It's good for sorting out feelings and getting feedback that way.

    Salma, That's unfortunate. Some people are such busybodies. Never apologize for a long comment:)

    Umm Aaminah, I see what you're saying, yea that's understandable.
    Sometimes I just have to vent in a vague way. :)

  10. My blog is linked to my facebook, I like sharing my thoughts, photographs, and creative writing with my friends and relatives..
    But sometimes I catch myself saying "there's a reason why blogs should be anonymous.."

    Btw, nice layout!!

  11. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I'm so glad you touched this topic,as I think about it quite often.
    I think about it so often,because I wish I could feel O.K. about telling people about my blog,but I don't.I told some very close friends,but even they couldn't really undrestand the sense of a blog.I guess only who writes a blog can fully understand another person who also has a blog.
    The idea of sharing behind it all is unique,so I'd suggest it to everyone :).
    Anyway,for me my blogging experience is most of all my own and very personal thing - my other world :)!

  12. Anonymous11:02 PM

    I don't really get why most bloggers hate it when someone finds their "PUBLIC"blogs..I think having a "public blog" implicitly give the impression that everybody is allowed or even "most welcomed"to read..If u have some personal issues that u don't want everyone to know about ,yet you have an urgent need to vent then either talk to a close friend,write it down in a small memoir or if u prefer writing using a keyboard then make your blog "PRIVATE"...when you open your door with a big welcome note on top then don't be astonished when people come in ;)

    LOVE YOUR BLOG and respect you for making your personal issues "PERSONAL"...;)

  13. I think I posted a comment here yesterday but it didn't show up? =/

    Anyhoo, I agree with Anonymous.

    Many of my friends know I have a blog and it is linked on my FB. I don't have a problem with people knowing about it because I don't write about anything that's too controversial anyway. I don't write anything that I wouldn't say to anyone's face anyway.

    I think my friends have been able to side a different side to my personality after I decided to blog. And I've also gained new friends such as yourself, my awesome circle of blogger friends =)

  14. I've never told anyone I know in real life about my blog, no family or friends. My husband knows I have one but he's not interested in reading it.

  15. My family know and read it. Actually I have them all subscribed by email so they get the updates. They love reading and commenting too. My blog also updates to my facebook status when a new post is out so my friends know too. Some read it and comment regularly and some aren't interested in blogs anyway.
    I sometimes do wish I had an anonymous one though to touch on some subjects though.

  16. Mariam, I get that feeling sometimes too. Thanks. Nymfont.com, can't take credit.

    Jasmina, I agree non bloggers sometimes don't get it. :*

    Anonymous, yea I think if you want to stay anon, as long as your vague no one should know who you are. Thanks.

    Shahira Elaiza, I too am glad to have met the people I have through blogging :).

    Missy, It's all about what each person wants to do.

    JessyZ, That's awesome. My mom, sister and brother read it but other than that, not sure other family members read. The way I see it if someone I knew and cared about had a blog, I'd read it regularly but not everyone reads blogs.

  17. wow.
    what a nice topic to talk abt !
    i just tripped in over your blog thru sliceoflemon.com 's blog and i am already addicted to it ! its awesome, you know it too.
    well, i hav linked it to my FB, but at times i do feel a lil insecure abt it when at times I so badly want to write abt things and people I come in daily contact with- yeh, the venting, but then i stop because i know thats gonna cause a commotion.I am not even sure if ppl from my FB list read up my blog but still.I think at one point i am going to remove the link from FB but uptill yet i dont blog abt stuff tht has the possibility of stirring up things in real life..after all these comments i hav read here i really am considering removing the link asap because I sort of feel restricted all of a sudden but then i fear who will read my blog ? lol

  18. YellowMango, glad you like the blog, thanks. I've kept the link but just made sure it was on friends only and I keep to just the people I like and know.


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