October 1, 2010

Weight Watchers

So I was hesitant to blog about this, but I figured if I'm really serious about this I should be able to share and talk about it. It kind of holds me accountable and I thought maybe I could ask if anyone else has been on this plan. Now, I'm not enrolled in Weight Watchers, but I'm using their points system. All the info is available online with a few simple Google searches. It's just been 5 days but so far so good. I'm finding it pretty simple to follow.

The idea is you get an allotted number of "points" each day, for me it's 30. Every food or drink has a certain number of points. You can eat whatever you choose as long as you stay under your daily points. You also get an extra 35 points a week to splurge or for leeway. You're just not supposed to spread them out evenly throughout the week. I haven't used mine yet, I can't decide what I should use them on. A burger? Ice cream? Pasta? The choices are limitless. You can eat these things any time but the thing is they're a high # of points so the plan encourages you to eat a lot of low point items like vegetables (most are 0 points) and fruits. As you lose weight your daily points go down. Most of the time I find that the points are plenty especially when I eat healthier foods.

I'm also trying to drink a lot of water and I'm walking 40 minutes 5 times a week. I feel good. I just hope I can stay motivated long enough to see some real results.  Anyone ever do the points system?


  1. This is a really good idea, I might have to give it a go myself.

    My mum did weight watchers a few years ago and had brilliant results with it so I think it's a good system to follow.

  2. Salaam sis. My childhood best friend was always heavy (she's tall and statuesque anyway) and wasn't able to lose any weight until she started WW about 5 years ago.

    Now masha'allah she is healthy and gorgeous (she always was!) and is even a WW leader. So based on her success I would give it a great big THUMBS up for being effective.

    It sounds like you are doing great and maybe insha'allah you can be a hijabi before/after inspiration for us all. LOL

    Ma salaama...

  3. Salams Mona. My cousin was on weight watchers and she lost 60 pounds. I tried it but it wasn't for me.. I don't have the patience to count points and calories lol but I hope it works for you like it did her.

  4. Good luck! I haven't tried it myself but my friend did and she had great results, I always hear good things about weight watchers.

  5. Salaams Mona,

    I did WW as an undergrad on the points system and it was amazing. I lost more than 25 pounds and came within 5 pounds of my goal. I gained so much energy and better health, alhumdulillah.

    I used to go out with my husband and have a big binge on the weekend. Haha. I also used to keep mini Three Musketeers bars in the house and have 1-3 every night (depending on where I was points-wise). That curbed cravings and feelings of missing out. I'm a sweets person. :)

    The only problem I ever had was eating enough points. I usually came in 3 points shy per day!

    Insha'Allah you will see results soon, and when you hit that eventual plateau, consider weight lifting or yoga. Basically, switch gears on exercise to get past it. <3

  6. Amalia, Thanks for commenting:) Good to know it works

    Umm Aaminah, That's awesome, I hope so too. :)

    My Getaway, Counting points is way easier than counting calories, but I kinda like that it occupies some time and energy to count and keep track.

    Jaz, thanks!

    Shawna, Already I feel better. I use After Eights to curb chocolate cravings. I love them! I just read that it's ok not to use all your points but not to make it a habit so it's cool, I'll just have another little something to even out. Thanks for the tips! :)

  7. I've done it but didn't stick to it. That's my problem with diets, I never stick to them. Yes counting points does get old after awhile. I do think it is a good program and will help you keep it up since it teaches you how to eat right and control your portions. I've actually been thinking about getting back on that WW wagon myself. Good luck!

  8. Stephanie, Thanks, It definitely helps me control my portions and make smarter choices about what I eat. The healthier I eat, the more I get.

  9. My friend lost about 70 pounds using this technique. But I believe more than half the purpose of weight watchers is the sense of community - you go there once a week and they weigh you (which encourages you to not cheat) and have the support group to help maintain your weight loss and reach your goal.

  10. Abid, thanks, Yea, but there aren't meetings here so, I can't go.


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