October 29, 2010

Birthday Dinner ♥

We went to this Greek place for my birthday. (34!) It was good and I discovered I love mousaka. I loved the mural on the staircase wall so I had to snap a pic. E is so used to the requisite blog photo that he knows to wait a second before digging in so I can snap a pic. the appetizers were delicious. I didn't count points yesterday but I didn't even feel like eating rice, fries or bread. I had to LOL at the raw potato garnish animals on our plates. We'll definitely be eating here again.


  1. Happy Birthday, Mona.
    I cought this post 48 seconds after you post it...lol
    My hubby also learned the lesson. He'll ask me to take pictures for any event that we do as a family to make sure that I have enough to post on my FB or blog.
    Lovely family you got there, mashallah :)

  2. Happy birthday! The food looks so good, I love the giraffe and fish! So cute! :D

  3. Anonymous6:23 PM

    happy belated birthday :) LOL at least your honest about your age :P (which is YOUNG! btw you look 26 :D)My moms been 36 for the last 4 years LOL go figure. I adore the background in the first picture your kids look cute too :) Anyways enough sucking up XD. It looks like you had a fun time

  4. Happy birthday sis :) May Allah swt bless you with a wonderful year full of happiness, peace, success and even raw potato garnish animals ;)

  5. Happy Birthday! Looks like a lovely time and the animal garnishes are cute lol.

  6. Happy Birthday - it looks like a fun restaurant!

  7. I was thinking, is that a raw potato? :-) Masha'Allah how sweet, your whole family together. May Allah swt bless you and your family with years of happiness, amin!

  8. Happy Birthday (or birfday as somaya says)! Your dinner looks delicious.

  9. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Best wishes for your birthday my dear :)!I'm glad you had fun and the dinner you had sure seams very delicious :)!

  10. Happy birthday!
    I love your blog. It's so positive and not full of complains about everything in Egypt.
    You have such a lovely family. Take care!

  11. Dr.N, lol, that was fast.Thank you.

    Missy, thanks It was. :)

    PerfectlyImperfect, aw you flatter me :) Thanks.

    Londoneya, thank you! Ameen.

    My Getaway, it was great, Thanks.

    Jaz, yea my kids loved the garnish. Thanks.

    Um Aaminah, heh, yea. Ameen, thank you.

    Stephanie, hee, thanks, it was!

    Jasmina, thank you sweetie, alhamdulillah.

    Sara, thanks but are you reading this blog? It feels like I complain a lot. Thanks!

  12. Happy Birthday! Mona that means we're both on October - mine was at the beginning of the month. just adored the potato garnish :D
    Unfortunately my family hates it when I take pics so you're so lucky...

  13. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, BEAUTIFUL! <3 Kol sana wa inti tayyiba!

    Haha I know what you mean about people waiting before they eat their meal when they're around you =P

  14. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Happy Birthday,Every thing look great,as well as everyone look great.


  15. Washi, thank you! Happy Belated Bday to you then. Oh I'm sure everyone gets sick of it sometimes.

    Shahirah Elaiza, Thank you sweetie, :).

    Thank you mommy :)

  16. Anonymous9:40 PM

    May All your days be happy!
    I had a huge chuckle about the potato shark! lol, and I haven't laughed in a while so thanks.. I'll never look at a potato the same again...


  17. Happy birthday my dear!!!

    And thank you so much for your comment today. Your words touched me and I have managed a smile on a day when I thought I couldn't!

    Thank you!!!

  18. Eman, thanks, no one can say they're not creative.

    Houda, thanks sweetie. It's the truth. :)


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