September 19, 2010

Eid Etc.

Hey, everyone, hope you all had a nice Eid. This past week has been a busy blur, but a fun busy blur. We spent the first day of Eid at the mall here 'cause they had some fun kid activities. We saw Shrek The Final Chapter, for free at that! The kids played arcade games and jumped on the trampoline and bounce house. We had dinner at Planet Africa which just opened, the food was good but they gave me pita bread instead of tortillas. No biggie, they should have just said they didn't have any but whatever.

We went to Cairo for a few days and I just loved it. It was really relaxing. I love hotels and the carefree feeling you get when staying at a hotel or resort. The first two days we went in the pool and it was actually a little chilly but we still got a little sunburn. We spent a day at Dream Park, which is an amusement park and had loads of fun. I love roller coasters! Plus the lines were pretty short. We won a couple of bears with the claw type machine and then the last one the guy just opened the case and gave to me cause I'd almost gotten it a couple of times and it would fall back down. We played a little air hockey and ate some zalabia, all in all a great day. The last day we went and saw Cats & Dogs, The Revenge of Kitty Galore. It was ok, cute. The 3D wasn't that great but the kids enjoyed themselves. Here are some pics:

This book made my trip. I loved it. Anyone read it?


  1. Nice pics Mona. It looks like so much fun. In fact, your pictures always show that you guys enjoy your times, mashallah.
    Glad you had relaxing times. I will look for this book at the local library, I will pick "eat, love, pray" today as I have it on hold. Can't wait to start it :)

  2. Thanks Nilly, It's really a very enjoyable book.


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