August 14, 2010

Ramadan Days

Hey everyone, I hope you're all well. Those of us fasting, I hope it's not too tough, inshaAllah. It's a long day. I find we get more thirsty than hungry but alhamdulillah it's been fine.

We hung the decorations and got colored lights for the kids' windows. I always want to make our holidays fun and festive for the kids. I need to get Eid gifts and clothes sometime soon. I'm working on my Eid outfit already.

Fasting has made me want to cook and bake more, It might be the hunger or tradition, I don't know.

I made these cupcakes yesterday, Recipe for chocolate cake here, Cream cheese frosting, here.
Highly yummy, if I may say so myself.


  1. I love the idea of decorating, and those cupcakes look so good!
    Its been hot here during the days,and its hard for me to avoid sampling during baking, so I think I might start baking at night after I put Layla to bed.

  2. It does look very festive and fun and those cupcakes look really good too!

  3. Stacy, it is hard, Cooking or making a salad,I always have a bite or two and now I catch myself before I do it.

    My Getaway, Thanks!

  4. JazakAllah khair for sharing the ideas & recipes.

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  5. I like the way you did the lights in that room.When I first started using those lights, I wasn't sure how to display them since they're made to wrap around Christmas trees (at least here, anyway), but you made it look good. :-) And as always, your baking looks oh so delicious.

  6. Chocolate and cheese ... can there be anything that can top this heavenly combination? :)


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