July 2, 2010

What We've Been Up To

So yea, I missed blogging and reading blogs while I was away, and realized I haven't really posted much here, lately. I've been meaning to write about our little trip since we got back a few days ago but just needed to re-do the layout. I wanted something more clean and simple.

So the kids and I went to visit my dad and my sister was in town and had a fun couple of days. My sister and I had some serious laughs. We went swimming on the hottest day of the year yet, saw '3sal Eswed again, and went to the Alexandria Library.

Playing cards, a very Egyptian past time.

When we went to the library, we took a bus and it was, erm.. an interesting experience. First there was this guy selling candies and went about tossing packets on each passenger's laps coming around to collect the pay on the way back out. Then, a man came on the bus begging, then crying about his medical condition and I almost lost it right on the bus. He was pleading and making duaa and had a bloody tissue in his hand. I gave him some money and then felt unsure when my dad said it could all be a show. Only Allah knows but I hate to think of it, the way he was going on.

Anyway, the library was beautiful and very organized. A little too organized if you ask me, but I think that's what you have to do with the Egyptian public. Unfortunately the kids' area was members only. It was still great to see, lots of exhibits and beautiful architecture. I'd stay all day if I could.

We spent a few days in Damanhour, where E is from, and came home.

Here are the kids at a garden/park there.
Cute kitties!

We came home to beautiful flowers, a "Welcome Home" sign and dinner cooked by E! It was very sweet. Oh,I almost forgot the best part, he cleaned up the apartment! It was a great relief to come home to after a looong ride.


  1. aww ur family is soo sweet mashallah and the kids are cute! mashAllah.
    btw sis are u originally Egyptian? or did you come to Egypt after getting married? just wondering..
    ooh and playing cards, definitely Egyptian! lol

  2. BubbliMuslima, Alhamdulillah, thanks! Yea I'm Egyptian by heritage, meaning my parents are Egyptian and came to the US and I was born there lived there all my life till 8(GULP!) years ago. :)

  3. Salaam sis. My best friend went to Alex in '08 and I woulda tagged along except I was 7 months into a high risk pregnancy. Boo hoo! Anyway she just adored Alexandria and insha'Allah maybe someday I'll get to enjoy it too!

    Ma salaama. Oh beautiful family btw. Nothing looks as good as happy on a kid's face!

  4. That pool looks like fun! Glad you all had such a nice time visitng your family and that was very nice of E :)

  5. Umm Aaminah, Alaikum alsalam, I like Alex too. A lot better than Cairo. Still like Hurghada more.

    My Getaway, It was fun! Thanks.

  6. Mona, the pics are nice and it looks like the kiddos had fun as much as you did :) mashallah.
    Glad you are back to the blogging world

  7. Dr. N, thanks yea, good to be back.

  8. Great pictures! I hope you continue to enjoy your summer :)

  9. Amalia, Thanks, same to you!

  10. Oh hey you changed your layout too. It's very sweet, clean and simple. Me likes!

    Isn't it nice to come home and feel appreciated? =) Kudos to the hubster for treating you like the queen that you are!

    And as usual, your kids are adorable mashaAllah. I always look forward to seeing how they are doing!

  11. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Mona!!! I miss you so much! And our good times were really fun, wishing you were here... I have had limited access to the net these days but meaning to write soon, just know I miss you, it was so nice to see your pics, glad all is well, will talk soon, love eman

  12. Shahirah Elaiza, Thanks, I wanted simple. Yea it was great, thanks!

    Eman! We miss you guys too. Good luck w everything


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