July 5, 2010

Snickerdoodle Blondies

So I wanted to bake something last night but I didn't have chocolate for chips in traditional blondies, so I found this recipe. You know those yummy spicy snickerdoodle cookies? These are like that but chewy like a blondie/brownie. I'm a cinnamon lover so these were great.

Next time I'd cut them in to half this size, they're pretty sweet. Like my new mug?

Off topic, E always picks me up any new and interesting beverages he finds at the store and this one was yummy. Straight outta Lebanon, a color not found in nature but oh so fruity. We also have flavored sparkling water here now, called H2 Oh, I love the apple one.


  1. Oh my gosh, those look SO DELICIOUS! As does the strawberry melon drink!

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    kazoza..LOL we had that when we were kids back n the mid east. so delish! super cute dishs too ♥

  3. 1. those look sooo goodddddddddd, i'm gonna make them asap :)

    2. yes i love ur new mug, i want one

    3. that fruit drink looks refreshing (and unhealthy hehe)!

  4. Now, since you've tried the H2 drink, I'll give it a whirl... I've seen them in Metro markets but was a little leary to try one!

  5. Anya, ha, ya figures it's a brand. I always thought it was the generic name for bottle soda.

    BubbliMuslima, 1. Lemme know how they turn out, 2. Thanks! 3. Yea it is.

    Empress Anisa, Oh it's nice, not too sweet.

  6. It looks soo delicouis :)

  7. Umm Omar, It was, try them out.

    Khadija, they were. Thanks.


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