July 6, 2010

Good Times

Yesterday was great. We always have a fun day when we go over Jujey's house.

The kids had a water balloon fight while we caught up and then we went to the beach. The water was so nice. I could have stayed in there for hours. I love the beach here. Light waves, clear shallow waters, it's so calming. The kids had fun with the boats.

Later we (Jujey) made a delicious lunch. Rice, beef stir fry and bulgur. I was so hungry, I forgot to take a pic and just dug in.

I even scored some hijabs off her. Check it out.

Can you tell I like turquoise?

Nothing beats good food and good conversation. And laughs. Lots of laughs. ;)

My souvenir.


  1. Wow, you guys are lucky to live in such an amazing place. Is that like, in her back yard?

  2. That beach is absolutely stunning!!! Lucky ya'll =D

  3. Umm Omar, Yea alhamdulillah, one of the pluses. It's almost in her backyard, it's a private beach for the houses she lives at. It's a minute walk. It's great cause there's hardly anyone ever there.

    Shahirah Elaiza, Alhamdulillah, I know.

  4. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Yes always good times with u mona!!! hehehhe

    I want some of that stir fry right now!!

    can't wait for next time, my kids are begging me for ur kids to come over every second.


  5. Wow, what a gorgeous place to live. Your daughter has such shiny hair, I wonder why we all get older and ruin our hair with dyes! Nice hijabs :) I think I have the same one I got from Cairo - the leftmost turquoise one. Is it huge?

  6. Jaz, Alhamdulilah, Yea I guess we get bored/curious and go down the dye road. The hijabs are from Canada but it still could be the same one.

  7. Looks like such a fun day! I always love hanging out with my girlfriends, we have fun no matter what we do!!

  8. sabiwabi3:36 AM

    I love turquoise too! Can never have too much of it! It's the new black!

  9. Regina, true, we can just talk and talk and it's always fun.

    Sabiwabi, Yes! It goes nice with black too!


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