July 28, 2010


So I now have a cupcake pan and just had to put it to good use. I used the recipe from this post and this frosting.

Dawood frosted that wonky one!

July 27, 2010

Random Update

This week has felt so long. We just got back from visiting my dad in Alex, and my brother was here for a few days. It was great to see him and spend some quality time together.

We went swimming and it was so much fun. I love being in the water and could stay all day long. It's a feeling like no other. Of course the kids had a blast and showed E their swimming skills.

My awesome brother, Omar brought me some wonderful goodies from the US like magazines, candy and other cool stuff. Thanks again, O.

I did a bit o' shopping in Alex and Cairo as well. No luck finding any casual abayas I liked, but I got a couple of new scarves, a pair of shoes and some hijab pins. I can't have too many hijab pins. Oh and I also found the black rose ring I was looking for at Claire's. I love it so.

Ramadan is coming soon so we're looking forward to that, inshaAllah. We still have to do the summer homework the school assigned the kids. Bummer right? How annoying. Even Safiyah in KG has HW. InshaAllah it will be good to get that out of the way before Ramadan starts.

July 8, 2010

Uncalled For

Recently I had my children's photos taken for passport renewal and when I got the pictures back something looked off. I was in a hurry so I didn't look at them very closely besides while the guy was cutting them, until I went home.

They photo-shopped my kids' passport pictures. I was a little shocked that this was a normal practice since I definitely didn't ask for that. These are identification photos, not glamour shots! I can't see why children would need to be airbrushed into animation anyway. I thought about going back and complaining but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't do any good. I just hope they will be fine for the passports. I guess it's not that bad. They just look like kids with perfect, flawless, pore-less skin or something.

July 6, 2010

Good Times

Yesterday was great. We always have a fun day when we go over Jujey's house.

The kids had a water balloon fight while we caught up and then we went to the beach. The water was so nice. I could have stayed in there for hours. I love the beach here. Light waves, clear shallow waters, it's so calming. The kids had fun with the boats.

Later we (Jujey) made a delicious lunch. Rice, beef stir fry and bulgur. I was so hungry, I forgot to take a pic and just dug in.

I even scored some hijabs off her. Check it out.

Can you tell I like turquoise?

Nothing beats good food and good conversation. And laughs. Lots of laughs. ;)

My souvenir.

July 5, 2010

Snickerdoodle Blondies

So I wanted to bake something last night but I didn't have chocolate for chips in traditional blondies, so I found this recipe. You know those yummy spicy snickerdoodle cookies? These are like that but chewy like a blondie/brownie. I'm a cinnamon lover so these were great.

Next time I'd cut them in to half this size, they're pretty sweet. Like my new mug?

Off topic, E always picks me up any new and interesting beverages he finds at the store and this one was yummy. Straight outta Lebanon, a color not found in nature but oh so fruity. We also have flavored sparkling water here now, called H2 Oh, I love the apple one.

July 4, 2010

All things Americana

I've been feeling really nostalgic about the US lately.

Cue "God Bless America"

I was watching a movie the other day and got emotional just watching a short scene depicting a typical tree lined American street as a car pulled into the drive way and kids biked down the sidewalk and played in the front yard.

I miss barbecues/picnics in the park, ice cream trucks, yard sales, public libraries, extended family and about 5,936 other things in the states. I'm slowly allowing myself to have hope of going for a visit some time in the foreseeable future, inshaAllah.

Happy Independence Day!

July 2, 2010

What We've Been Up To

So yea, I missed blogging and reading blogs while I was away, and realized I haven't really posted much here, lately. I've been meaning to write about our little trip since we got back a few days ago but just needed to re-do the layout. I wanted something more clean and simple.

So the kids and I went to visit my dad and my sister was in town and had a fun couple of days. My sister and I had some serious laughs. We went swimming on the hottest day of the year yet, saw '3sal Eswed again, and went to the Alexandria Library.

Playing cards, a very Egyptian past time.

When we went to the library, we took a bus and it was, erm.. an interesting experience. First there was this guy selling candies and went about tossing packets on each passenger's laps coming around to collect the pay on the way back out. Then, a man came on the bus begging, then crying about his medical condition and I almost lost it right on the bus. He was pleading and making duaa and had a bloody tissue in his hand. I gave him some money and then felt unsure when my dad said it could all be a show. Only Allah knows but I hate to think of it, the way he was going on.

Anyway, the library was beautiful and very organized. A little too organized if you ask me, but I think that's what you have to do with the Egyptian public. Unfortunately the kids' area was members only. It was still great to see, lots of exhibits and beautiful architecture. I'd stay all day if I could.

We spent a few days in Damanhour, where E is from, and came home.

Here are the kids at a garden/park there.
Cute kitties!

We came home to beautiful flowers, a "Welcome Home" sign and dinner cooked by E! It was very sweet. Oh,I almost forgot the best part, he cleaned up the apartment! It was a great relief to come home to after a looong ride.