June 11, 2010

Egyptian Movies

I'm not a huge fan of Egyptian movies but there's one out that I want to see. It's called '3sal Eswed. It's about a guy who comes from the US to Egypt and well, it looks at some of the problems in Egyptian society through the eyes of an American. That's all I know but it intrigues me. Here's the trailer.

The thing is, I have no idea if it's family/kid friendly or not. Egypt doesn't make kid's movies and adult movies, they just make movies, and people take their kids. While most movies are pretty tame compared to Hollywood films, there's still a lot of things I'd rather not take my kids to see.

I wish there was a parental guide or rating system but I guess the only thing I can do is ask people if they've seen it and if there's anything inappropriate in it. I guess everyone has a different definition of inappropriate though. I do think most Ahmed Helmy movies are pretty clean. I guess I could see it with a friend or something.

I tend to like the old, black and white Egyptian movies with Faten Hamama , Omar Sherif, Abdel Haleem and Shadia more than new movies but I'm interested to see 3sal Eswed.

Movies were so glamorous back then, now most Egyptian movie ads I see feature belly dancing and stoned people.


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    What a good excuse to just go see it by yourself or with a girlfriend.That is the only place i can escape the hubby and kids.And i don't feel a bit quilty.Umasiya

  2. I really want to see that film too :) If I go I'll let you know if it's appropriate for kids :)

  3. oooh I love Ahmed Helmy movies, he's soo funny, but i didnt watch this one so cant really say, but ya most if not all of his movies are pretty clean. i say watch it with a friend (or alone) first so u know for sure, because u know your own preferences.

  4. Anon/UmAsiya, Yea when the kids were in school a friend and I would go see matinees in the morning :)

    Amalia, thanks It's better when you hear it from someone you feel has the same sensibilities as you.

    BubbliMuslima, Yea he's like one of the few actors I can stand here.

  5. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Hey Mones, is it playing now or later this summer? Maybe we can go see it! Eman

  6. Eman! It's out now but it'll be out for a while I bet! :)

  7. go watch it, and you won't regret it, Ms. Mona.

  8. mom of 29:59 PM

    The movie is awesome,I watched it last Friday with family..I judge a good movie if it did help me to get out of a gloomy mood ,this one did..
    For the kids ,the movie is "clean",just some funny "verbal implications" that was said in an indirect way about the relation between husband and wife..not a big deal cuz most kids below 15 won't get what they r talking about..and the movie overall did tackle lots of undeniable negative aspects we suffer from "here"..
    Go and enjoy u won't regret it ;)

  9. Well, we went to see it last night! It was really funny and very poignant on a lot of things about Egypt. Thanks you guys.

  10. as long as there i sno adel imam..

  11. Nur, hah! Yea I can't stand him.

  12. The trailer looks so good! Though I doubt I'll ever get the chance to see the whole thing ... aih~~~! Glad you enjoyed it! :)


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