May 13, 2010


I love multi-tasking. Why would anyone do just one thing when they can do 2 or 3? Studies have shown that women multi-task much more effectively than men. Not surprising. I don't often do just one thing. If I'm washing the dishes, or cleaning, I'm also listening to a podcast. When I'm watching a movie, I'll also be online, reading blogs or facebook. I'll be on the phone and cooking or reading a magazine while I watch a show.

Only if I really love a movie or reading a book do I do nothing else. Or watching Lost of course :).

I think this is pretty common behavior. I mean, most people want to get as much as they can done. When it's a mindless task like ironing, or other household drudgery, you can easily talk on the phone or quiz a kid on vocabulary, but If I tried to say, cook dinner and I don't know, give a baby a bath simultaneously, I'd either burn dinner or drown the kid. Both bad. I've felt the burn of multi-tasking before when expecting guests for a Ramadan Iftar and trying to get everything ready last minute, I burned garlic bread under the broiler.

I'll just stick to watching the Wheel Of Fortune While Writing This Post kind of multi-tasking. What do you multi-task?


  1. Hmm, at work:

    Serve customers and eat sweets
    Check off deliveries and eat sweets
    Merchendise stock and eat sweets
    Have my lunch break and eat sweets
    Tidy and eat sweets

    Yeh I'd say I'm a really good multi-tasker ^_^

    Kidding, dont get me wrong I can do all the above, but wouldn't call it multi-tasking :p I'im like you really, can do minor things simultaneously. When I'm having a good day, I can tidy the house and cook at the same time. It'd have to be a VERY good day though.

  2. Ashi, yea, that's something I could get used to. If I'm cooking 3 things at once and they all need attention then I have to have no interruptions which is hard with 4 kids.

  3. I get really frustrated watching tv or a movie and not having something to do with my hands. So I like to sew while I'm watching tv.

  4. I LOVE multi-tasking! I like to feel productive for a while and then just do nothing (or two nothings at once like internet and TV)!
    I usually cook and do the dishes at the same time. That's the big one. But overall, I can't just not do anything. Picking up as I walk to get my daughter after her nap. I clean the bathroom as my daughter takes her bath. Dance with my daughter as I do the laundry. All that good stuff! At work, I type comments and read blogs as I make calls!

  5. Amalia, Me too! I feel like, what's wrong here?

    Candice, Good examples. I always put a podcast on when I'm doing dishes and there's always time left before it's over and I keep cleaning anything until it's over. :)

  6. I ALWAYS listen to an audiobook or podcast while doing housework, help kids with their homework while cooking dinner, blog while watching my dvr'd shows, fold laundry while watching tv or a movie, and then as a nurse, multitasking is key to being effective.

  7. I'm not the best multi-tasker. I feel like I can only concentrate on one thing at a time :/

  8. Women and multi-tasking come in one package!

    But I don't think I'm that good at it. I'm like Ashi. I can bake and clean at the same time? Is that multi-tasking? Or just being time-efficient? lol

  9. Hey Mona-- A long time ago, I bet you don't even remember, you recommended the "This American Life" podcast which has become an absolute favorite for me now. What else do you listen to? Any other recommendations?

  10. salam mona

    me FBing and BFing my lil nafeesa and drafting my thesis.LOL!!

  11. Now where do I start ... ? haha! My ultimate daily multi-tasking activities are: talking on the cell + replying to emails + reading the newspaper. :)

  12. Nothing. I simply can't multitask. The worst is when there's music or the TV on in the background. Talk about distracting.

  13. My Getaway, You probably do the one thing very well.

    Stephanie, I remember and I love it. I loved this weeks! Home movies...made me want to break mine out.

    Nur.Najib,Ha, that definitely qualifies.

    Hajar, That's awesome!

    Janny, I can relate to that. If the tv's on and the phone rings I have to mute or go in another room.

  14. I think my funniest multitasking.. is taking a shower. On the way in.. I clean the toilet.. in the shower.. the shower and soap dish get a scrub.. stop to brush teeth.. the sink gets a cleaning.. water on the floor? spray it down the drain. By the time I walk out.. me AND the bathroom are clean. (carrying random clothes to the laundry basket..)

    Husband walks in there... having told me earlier he would clean the bathroom..and comes back out looking very confused.

    Its just me.. I cant help it! LOL

  15. Khadra, I do the same thing, I'll clean the apt, leave the bathroom for last then clean and shower.


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