May 27, 2010

Look What I Made

I wanted to make Salwa a bow for her hair tomorrow. She has her end of the year assembly thing for school. Last week was Safiyah's and all I could manage was a flimsy little bow from a piece of ribbon that came off of some drawstring pants that you can barely see here.

This week I found some rolls of ribbon at a shop near by and was on a mission. It's not great quality but it's all I have so I made do.

I looked up "how to hair bows" on Youtube and found a lot of videos. In the end I just used a combination of methods. Tying the bows then glue-gunning them together and to the hair clips.

These are pretty amateur so no comments on how bad they look, thanks. The girls like them and they match their outfits. I'll take pics of them with their hair done with them in this week.

See? Amateur. But no one sees the back. Except you guys.

Then I got the idea to make a flower pin. I used this tutorial but tweaked it since I wasn't putting it on a stem.

Then I just sewed it to a pin that I had that broke. Where's a Micheal's when you need one?

I love the pin and can't wait to wear it! People will be like, Oh, nice pin! Where'd you get it? and I'll say I made it with my own two hands!


  1. Oh Mona, how clever you are, these are gorgeous... I cant do anything nice with my two hands - hopeless! So I appreciate these sort of things.. Im sure your girls will too.

  2. Stylomom, thanks! Trust me it was easy.

  3. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Those are fabulous Mona! I bet the girls look as cute as buttons. ;0) That rose is great. Was the tutorial on youtube? I would like to give them a try with some fabric I have lying around. I bet i could sew them on pillows in an arrangement. Hmmmmm


  4. how adorable.
    i really like the flower!

  5. Anonymous4:49 AM

    haha omgsh your such a cool mommy! honestly I'm thinking "why couldn't my mother be more like her! :("

  6. Those are really nice!!

  7. The ribbons look really nice Mona, for a first try they look prety good.
    And the flower pin is very nice :)

  8. A'salaamu alaikum sis. Those are cute masha'Allah. You have inspired me to try my hand at making some for Aaminah. I buy a pack at Wal-Mart for just $2.50 but you are stuck with plain ones or never quite the color you want or need.

    Ma salaama...

  9. Those are really cute! The flower pin looks like it would be difficult to make?

  10. They came out really cute. You have a right to be proud of them.

  11. Awww, the bows are gorgeous, and so thoughtful of you! Such a cool mumsy, like one other commenter said :)

  12. They are very cute, and will look cuter on the girls’ hair. You are always an inspiration, Mona!
    Good Job :)

  13. That looks so beautiful, you are really creative :D

  14. Lizzie, Thanks! Yea the link is in the post.

    Angie Nader, Thank you!

    Perfectly.imperfect. Aw thanks!!

    Melisa, thank you!

    Amina, Thanks. Yea maybe I'll get the right clips and get better at it.

    Umm Aaminah, Thanks yea this way you can make them to match certain outf its.

    My Getaway, Thank you. Not really, it's mostly rolling and folding, takes a little to get used to it but it's easy once you get the idea.

    Alajnabiya, Thanks!! I am!

    Asiya, Aw, thanks! That makes me happy.

    Dr. N, Thanks so much, I 'll show you.

    Madelon **, Thank you!!

  15. Those are cool! I'm sure Nora would love bows like that! She's an active girl that likes to get dirty, but she's also a girly girl. That equals a lot of really dirty dresses! :P

  16. salaams sis
    OMG MASHA'ALLAH you would have to be one of the most talented people ive ever meet! these are adorable, you should open up a etsy store I would so buy some of those roses there adorable

  17. Candice, Thanks. Yea it's so frustrating when nice clothes get stained. What can you do?

    Skye, Oh please, really it's nothing, Thanks though :)

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  19. Salam! I read your post last night but fell asleep before I could comment lol. I love the rose hair clip. You could add some tiny pearls to it, it will look even more elegant =)

  20. oh, mona mona mona!!!!!!!

    you simply MUST put up a tutorial on how you did the rose!! pls pls pls pls pls oh pretty pretty pretty PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!

    and the bows... masya-Allah. so CUTE!!

  21. Shahira Elaiza, Salam, yea that's a thought.

    Kit Pryde, The tutorial for the rose is on the post, in a link on youtube :). Gotta love the internet!

  22. mona I thought you might find this interesting

  23. Thanks Jessy, those are great ideas!

  24. Thanks Jessy, those are great ideas!


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