May 19, 2010

Ear Piercing

My girls got their ears pierced the other day!

I'd always wanted to wait until they asked for it and they have been talking about it for a while so we started to look for where to get it done. Well, it wasn't easy. There's no Piercing Pagoda or Claire's where they do it, at least not in my area. We were told that pharmacy's do it so we asked in a few...dozen. Nope. A few said to go to the hospital and other's said that jeweler's do that.

Everyone here pierces their daughter's ears when they are newborns and most people I know go have their kids in Cairo or wherever they're from. That's the kind of town Hurghada is. So no one knew a certain place.

Finally we happened to find a pharmacy that had a sign in their door saying they had a piercing gun. We made 3 trips there in the same day, each time they'd tell us that the guy who does it come's at 3, then at 6 then again he wasn't there. Ugh. SO typical of how businesses are run here. Open whenever, no order or organization.

Later, I was with Dawood exchanging some shoes and E had the girls with him. He tried at a jeweler's and the guy said, yep they do 'em. So they did.

Let me tell you, I'm glad I wasn't there. The guy pierced their ears WITH the earing. BY HAND.

The thing that makes it better is that the girls were fine. They said it barely pinched and it took a second. If I had been with them I would have freaked them out. So they picked out their earrings and were so freaking happy. They have these temporary one's in now that are supposed to stay in a week, then they can wear the real ones. We're doing after care and they keep looking in the mirror. I'm really glad we waited because they really appreciate them now and it's kind of a right of passage, I think.


  1. Aww mashaAllah :-D

    It reminds me of when I first got my ears pierced when I was seven. I asked for it for my birthday.

    It was a bit addictive for me though, lol. I've had my ears pierced three times each now :-P

  2. Anonymous11:33 PM


    They look so happy! I can't imagine having been there for the piercing though--I would have fainted or puked!


  3. They look good masha'Allah :D

    What a difference with the way ears a pierced here (the Netherlands) first I have a dozen stores here wich have piercingguns and loads of jewelers who can pierce you. My eyes became big when I read they pierced them by hand! That is so onhygienic...

    I was just wondering, one week of wearing temporary earrings isn't that a bit short? Here we must were temporary earrings made of for at least 6 weeks and clean the ears with the earrings in everyday with some antisepticum to prevent inflammation :)

  4. Congrats! I wanted to wait till my daughter wanted her ears pierced, but somehow they got them while we were still at the hospital. I think I was high on pain killers and too tired to say no.

  5. OMG. by hand???

    i don't think i can stand that. i had my ears pierced when i was four or five, and i was ok with the first ear, then the second ear i was afraid.

    my dad says i cried after the first ear but that was because the piercing gun startled me.

    i don't know when we'll get our daughter's ears pierced. maybe when she's a lot older, that's for sure.

    i think i'll do what you did, and wait til she asks for it.

    piercing by hand? i'd probably faint.

  6. OMG...he pierced them with the earring?? I woulda freaked out too!! Lol.
    I had both mine done by the gun.
    I was ok, had my first done when I was about 10 and the second I was about 14 I think xx

  7. By hand??? Ouch~!!! I would have freaked out if the guy was piercing my ears!!! The girls look happy though!

  8. It sounds like the jeweler was very skillful and your daughters brave (motivated?) for it to have gone so smoothly. I agree with you -- a rite of passage!

    I allowed my daughter to have her ears pierced when she was old enough to care for them herself (9 years old). I remember it being several weeks with the first earrings/after care.

    To get my ears pierced, I had to be 13 and get straight A's for a year.

  9. NeverEver, I got mine at 9 years old. That's cute I bet having say one longish earing and a stud or 2.

    Anon/Sadie :) Yea, same here!

    Madelon, There are more places that have guns etc in bigger cities like Cairo and Alex and it wasn't unhygienic.

    In the US we wear the gold earrings right away and do the aftercare so I don't think it's too short. Everyone does things differently and it doesn't make any one way the right way.

    JessyZ heh, at least you got it over with.

    Kit Pryde, Like I said, sounds shocking but it barely hurt at all.

    Make-up Addict, Yea the important thing is they came out fine.

    Hajar, yep, lol. Yea alhamdulillah.

    Amelie, You're right, he was. He'd have to be to do it so precisely and quickly without pain. :)

  10. i think i would've freaked out because its my baby's ear that's being pierced.

    i can't even bear to watch when the doctor takes some of her blood because my over-active imagination is going into overdrive.

    i think your daughters are extremely brave and look absolutely cute with earrings.

    and your husband is a ROCK for being so cool by taking them to get their ears pierced.

    my husband says after reading ur post that maybe our daughter will be able to get her ears pierced when she's 25. LOL!!!

    (he has an over-active imagination too when it comes to being the over-protective dad). oh well. i guess we'll learn. *grin*

  11. Aww mabrook you can tell they are happy they're all smiling! In Syria we had to take my cousins to the shops that sold gold which was kind of weird.

  12. Oh gosh, by hand? *faints*

    I had mine done when I was 8 years old with the piercing gun at a pharmacy in NZ. I remember feeling so... girly and happy =)

  13. Anonymous10:42 PM

    MashaAllah. You're daughter must have been brave. Allhamdulillah, they look excited. :)

    Lamis J

  14. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Congratulation,It's about time.I guss Essam want to surprise you.I'm so happy for them all.

    Your Mom

  15. Anonymous12:54 AM

    It was a big right of passage for girls in my age group in the states. Only when you were responsible enough to keep them clean and be brave about would your parents allow it.
    My grandmother broke tradition and took my sis and I to the jeweler and he did it with the big gun, which scared me half to death. I might have preferred the other, but I was only 4. My mother was never happy about it as she was conservative.

    Most of the girls in my neighborhood had theirs done by their mother by hand, when they were 9 or 10 y.o. Many mothers would have the one with the most girls do it - they had the most experience. A skilled steady hand was the key.
    Congrats Mona, your babies are growing up.

  16. Kit Pryde, At least they were older and going willingly. Most people here do it to their newborns. They switched to the real earrings now and look very cute.

    My Getaway, thanks, yea I guess that's where it's done here.

    Shahirah Elaia, yea it's definitely fun to be old enough to appreciate it.

    Anon/Lamis, Yea they were, thanks!

    Anon/Mom, thanks, yea I knew we were looking for a place and was just glad we finally got someone to do it.

    Anon/Lizze, Wow, I'm glad to know there are other people who had it done by hand too. I remember that scene in The Parent Trap, the Lohan one, and she does it with a pin.
    Thanks Liz, you made me tear up with that growing up comment. Yea. They can't help it. :)

  17. salamoualaykoum, i am saida, a friend of your sister eman in riyadh, i am a big fan of your blog. Mabrook for the girls, they seems very happy, i wanted just to advise your to keep the percing earing for two months so they will not get infected, i have too girls and each time i was advised by the doctor to do so with them, it worked walhamdollah.

  18. Salam Saida, Any friend of Eman's is a friend of mine. Thanks! :)


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