May 30, 2010


Here's my son today in what he called his dressy clothes. The boy loves his jeans but I told him these were actually quite casual pants and looked nice for the assembly.

May 29, 2010


Here she is on her special day. She was so happy to have a reason to wear the skirt my mom got her.

The school has a sort of ceremony/assembly to hand out the last report cards of the year. We went for ice cream after.

Here's the bow in her hair, mashaAllah I thought it looked cute.

May 27, 2010

Look What I Made

I wanted to make Salwa a bow for her hair tomorrow. She has her end of the year assembly thing for school. Last week was Safiyah's and all I could manage was a flimsy little bow from a piece of ribbon that came off of some drawstring pants that you can barely see here.

This week I found some rolls of ribbon at a shop near by and was on a mission. It's not great quality but it's all I have so I made do.

I looked up "how to hair bows" on Youtube and found a lot of videos. In the end I just used a combination of methods. Tying the bows then glue-gunning them together and to the hair clips.

These are pretty amateur so no comments on how bad they look, thanks. The girls like them and they match their outfits. I'll take pics of them with their hair done with them in this week.

See? Amateur. But no one sees the back. Except you guys.

Then I got the idea to make a flower pin. I used this tutorial but tweaked it since I wasn't putting it on a stem.

Then I just sewed it to a pin that I had that broke. Where's a Micheal's when you need one?

I love the pin and can't wait to wear it! People will be like, Oh, nice pin! Where'd you get it? and I'll say I made it with my own two hands!

May 19, 2010

Ear Piercing

My girls got their ears pierced the other day!

I'd always wanted to wait until they asked for it and they have been talking about it for a while so we started to look for where to get it done. Well, it wasn't easy. There's no Piercing Pagoda or Claire's where they do it, at least not in my area. We were told that pharmacy's do it so we asked in a few...dozen. Nope. A few said to go to the hospital and other's said that jeweler's do that.

Everyone here pierces their daughter's ears when they are newborns and most people I know go have their kids in Cairo or wherever they're from. That's the kind of town Hurghada is. So no one knew a certain place.

Finally we happened to find a pharmacy that had a sign in their door saying they had a piercing gun. We made 3 trips there in the same day, each time they'd tell us that the guy who does it come's at 3, then at 6 then again he wasn't there. Ugh. SO typical of how businesses are run here. Open whenever, no order or organization.

Later, I was with Dawood exchanging some shoes and E had the girls with him. He tried at a jeweler's and the guy said, yep they do 'em. So they did.

Let me tell you, I'm glad I wasn't there. The guy pierced their ears WITH the earing. BY HAND.

The thing that makes it better is that the girls were fine. They said it barely pinched and it took a second. If I had been with them I would have freaked them out. So they picked out their earrings and were so freaking happy. They have these temporary one's in now that are supposed to stay in a week, then they can wear the real ones. We're doing after care and they keep looking in the mirror. I'm really glad we waited because they really appreciate them now and it's kind of a right of passage, I think.

May 13, 2010


I love multi-tasking. Why would anyone do just one thing when they can do 2 or 3? Studies have shown that women multi-task much more effectively than men. Not surprising. I don't often do just one thing. If I'm washing the dishes, or cleaning, I'm also listening to a podcast. When I'm watching a movie, I'll also be online, reading blogs or facebook. I'll be on the phone and cooking or reading a magazine while I watch a show.

Only if I really love a movie or reading a book do I do nothing else. Or watching Lost of course :).

I think this is pretty common behavior. I mean, most people want to get as much as they can done. When it's a mindless task like ironing, or other household drudgery, you can easily talk on the phone or quiz a kid on vocabulary, but If I tried to say, cook dinner and I don't know, give a baby a bath simultaneously, I'd either burn dinner or drown the kid. Both bad. I've felt the burn of multi-tasking before when expecting guests for a Ramadan Iftar and trying to get everything ready last minute, I burned garlic bread under the broiler.

I'll just stick to watching the Wheel Of Fortune While Writing This Post kind of multi-tasking. What do you multi-task?

May 2, 2010

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