April 1, 2010

Recent Adventures

On our way to the safari


The view from atop a camel!

80 yr old turtle

Albino Python

Karma Camelion


Cutest Fox EVARRR!

Big Scary Python

Cute little hedgehog

Cute little snake.

Poor Peacock. The cage isn't big enough for him to spread his tail.

Later, dinner and a show.

Glass bottom boat

All smiles!

Can you feel the love?

The Red Sea

The view from the glass bottom.

Safiyah is standing on that boat thingy.

Choosing the right ball.

Waiting for my turn, Mom was playing and got the highest score!

Yay, strike for Salwa!

And Lows

Bowling shoes and ugly carpet. All part of the experience.



  1. WOW, that looks like SO much fun, mashallah. Mona, you look very pretty in the black and white hijab, mashallah again :)
    You guys seem to know where to go and how to have fun. I miss those days when the girls were younger and we all can have fun in one place. Now fun means 5 different directions in our family...lol.
    glad that you're back posting. Missed ya :)

  2. A'salaamu alaikum sister. I want to ride in a glass bottom boat now! Subhanallah that was beautiful and even better, it looked like you all really enjoyed yourselves.

    Ma salaama...

  3. Dr.N, Thanks it was great fun!

    Umm Aaminah, I'd gone on one as a teen and have wanted to go again ever since. It's so cool, you can see all kinds of fish but it was hard to capture with the camera.

  4. Masha'a'Allah! sis! Y'all look like y'all had a blast!!!!!! love all the nice pics!!! Your girls are the cutest! masha'a'Allah! they take after YOU. Aww. (((hugs))

  5. Texan in UAE, heh, thanks! I love your snoopy writer!!

  6. Looks like alot of fun! Were you scared of the little snake?

  7. My Getaway, Not really, it was tiny, I just asked the guy first if it bites.

  8. YAY you updated!

    Man, that safari looks like a lot of fun. And yes you are beautiful in that hijab mashaAllah =)

    That fox is CUTE! Btw, you went on a camel??? I can't ride them... I constantly feel like I'm gonna fall when I do.. lol.

  9. sabiwabi1:47 PM

    I hate snakes but I love bowling. Therefore I enjoyed 50% of this post.

  10. Shahira, Thanks, Yea when the camel is standing up and sitting down, you're SURE you'll fall, but you don't!

    SabiWabi, sorry about the snakes! I'll take the 50%!

  11. masAllah, you look gorgeous in that black and white hijab! everyone looks like they had a great time. i loved seeing the glass bottomed boat and the old turtle especially! very neat

  12. MJ! Well, Thanks! I love turtles. I want to get one!


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