April 11, 2010

Inferiority Complex

So I got a new broom. I'd always gotten the regular, cheap ones, I'd end up replacing all the time. Sometimes the wood would wear out in the screwy part that connects to the broom part and it would keep coming off as I swept. Is there anything more frustrating? The bristles had worn down and were matted and flattened like a bad hair day.

After sweeping up with the greatest of ease with my cool, new broom yesterday, I set the broom aside next to it's inferior predecessor, and I had to give a little chuckle. What a loser, I thought.

How this guy can even call himself a broom anymore is laughable. It's wooden handle has a slight curve from months of the same sweep, sweep, sweeping motion. Shorter, bristles unkempt, it looks so pathetic next to the new one.

The new Arix broom has sleek shiny black bristles and a rubber bumper to protect your furniture. It stands tall on it's own!

Indeed, my new broom is giving the old one an inferiority complex. I think it would be better to put the old guy out of his misery and put him on balcony duty.


  1. Aww, that poor worn out broom...I think it's best that he's out on the balcony!

  2. Melissa, don't feel bad for him. He knows his place now.

  3. Mom of 29:54 PM

    Even brooms got inferiority complexes!!and always the tall elegant one wins!!That's hilarious..U gave me a big laugh.....:D :D

  4. haha, love it! Poor guy-I thought the story would have a happy ending for him, but he gets balcony duty-doesn't even get to retire after all the hard work he's done. Well, I guess that's Egypt!! Nothing ever retires! Thanks for the laugh!

  5. and btw, that's pretty amazing it stands up by itself!

  6. awwww i really miss those egyptian style brooms even though they arent that helpful. Just looking at it reminds me of egypt hehe.

    I like your new broom btw.

  7. Laila6:31 AM

    Reminds me of the Swiffer Wet Jet commercials!

    Check it out.

  8. Jasmina, :) how are you!?

    Stacy, thanks, gotta post about something.

    Mom of 2, thanks, I'm glad.

    Umm Omar, yea I thought that was cool.

    Sara, that's when you know you really miss Egypt. :)

    Laila, lol! Thanks for posting that.

  9. Funny!! You got some creative posts ideas :)

  10. Susu, well, thanks! I try.

  11. assalam alaikum
    I laughed a lot!

  12. UmmAbdulAziz, I'm glad! :)

  13. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Good luck with your new broom,I may have to borrow it from you one day unless you get me one just like it.

  14. Ok, Mones, reading this post just knocked me out of my ugh mood, it was hilarious... I almost felt like I could feel the what the broom was feeling... if that makes sense... Anyway I am gonna share it with some students for a creative writing sparker... you are refreshing.

  15. Eman, I'm so glad it changed your mood and flattered you'd use it! Thanks.

  16. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Mona, Can you believe I took Tyler to Ikea and he was devastated when they were out identical brooms? He is such a helper, he wants to sweep up. I think the fun however, is in making the biggest mess possible BEFORE he sweeps! hehe

  17. Liz, That's cute, I know what you mean. Kid's at that age want to clean up but mostly it's the messes they're good at!


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