March 1, 2010


Here's a little exercise in re-purposing.

I was covering school books the other day and had loads of this paper backing, sheets and strips. I used the strips to make origami stars. I miss making them, I can't find the paper for them here and they are hard to cut yourself because they have to be perfectly straight. Instructions here.

We used the sheets to make sticker books! Did you have these growing up? We used to collect and trade stickers with them and have pages dedicated to puffy, shiney, and scratch & sniff stickers. (Do they make those anymore?) The girls and I each made a sticker book.

It was fun and now everyone wants to buy more stickers!


  1. Great idea! I still have an old sticker book at home. I loved collecting the fluffy and smelly ones. I even have stickers in there that I got on the street when you give money to charity. I would save every single sticker I found - even if it was from an apple :D

  2. Salaams Mona - I like the new look :) And covering school books aaaahhhhhh. Yes, we do that in January since school begins at the end of that month here. They are cute stars. I might give them a go with my little ones.

  3. I still have puffy rainbow stickers from when I was in elementary school a LONG time ago. I have always had a thing for stickers, decorative paper, funky pens, etc. Cool post...brings back a lot of fun memories.

  4. Is that Keeropi the frog? I had 3 sticker books when I was in elementary school! These days I have a special spot for handmade stickers, but they are so expensive!!! :(

  5. Amalia, ha! We used to save the chiquita banana stickers!

    Ms M, thanks, yes, do, they are so cute and fun.

    Om Kareem, Oh I love cute stationary stuff. I'd live in the Sanrio or that type of store if I could.

    Hajar, yea it is, not original Sanrio Keeropi though. I need to google handmade stickers!

  6. You brought back loads of memories. wow.. Stickers = fun!!!! cute entry!

  7. Texan, thanks...yea. Good times.

  8. Here are some pictures of handmade stickers:

    I love the soft velvety ones! :)

  9. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Hello Mona,
    Firstly, I love how creative you are! MashaAllah!
    I actually remember those stars, they used to come in different bright colors! And I also remember my teacher giving us stickers in our books when we did good, and I always collected stickers... Just wanted to stop by and say that. :) Enjoy your fun crafts. :)
    - Lameese.

  10. Hajar, Those look so cool. Thanks for the link.

    Lameese, Thanks! Yea we'd save the teacher's stickers in our sticker books too. :)


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