March 14, 2010

How Fairy Tales Really End

Editing this post to give credit to the creator of the series, Dina Goldstein  please see the link for info and more pics. The sushi one was removed as it was not part of the original series.

Snow White, isn't it always that way?

Little Red Riding Hood found a Mcdonald's on the way to grandma's.

Belle goes under the knife.

Jasmine (Can't tell, is she a terrorist or in the war? Kinda hate this one.)

Sleeping Beauty never wakes.

Cinderella on a bender.

A little mean? Yea, but they're not real and it's all in good fun.


  1. haha, hilarious! Where did you find this???!!


    LOL (poor ariel is lunch)

  3. jasmine is my fav one.

    but why is ariel lunch? at the end of the movie trident turned her into a human for life....

  4. Umm Omar, I saw it on a message board and tried to find the source but only found other people posting it.

    Modest Justice, Ha! I love Mean Girls.

    Ange, I thought the same thing. Obviously whoever made it didn't watch The Little Mermaid!

  5. cute! I like the first one. So true!

  6. this is fab! lol

    if only someone would have thought of it sooner. we wouldn't be having so many complexes!

  7. Very cute! And creative...

  8. Anonymous3:42 PM

    really funny!!
    at the group picture with alice in it i was like, aww why did they have to pick on the new girl?

  9. Staphanie, Me too,Snow White's my fave.

    Nur, Yea, lol!

    Rana, isn't it? Should I show the girls? LOL

    Anon, Yea the youngest gets noogies.

  10. hahahahahhahah!!!

    i remember getting this in a forward and laughing then too.

    and ditto on your take on the jasmine picture - i HATE that.

    i think jasmine might've ended up with the genie instead of aladin though huhuhu!

  11. the one with the odl guy, best

  12. Anonymous10:27 PM

    ahahaha...hilarious! kinda messed up for some, but hilarious. so fitting b/c we leave for DisneyWorld tomorrow! I'll have these images in my head instead of the fairytale ones.

    PS - Check my blog...EXCITING news that I haven't shared on FB yet (b/c of co-workers being my friends and me not saying anything at work yet)...

  13. bzmomma, You guys are gonna have a blast!..Checking now...


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