March 8, 2010

Books and T-Shirts

Look how foggy it was the other day.

So I stopped by the book guy today, I wasn't expecting his little kiosk to be open early but I hit the jackpot. Usually I just pick a couple of little known paperbacks, judging quickly by the cover and back. I found 2 best sellers I've wanted to read! The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

So I am starting a shaping class tomorrow. I think it's gonna be interesting. If by interesting I mean hilarious. I'm gonna be a-'huffin and a-puffin', but it should be fun, inshaAllah.

Anyway, I needed some work out clothes, just some pants and t's but I couldn't find any T shirts I liked, that fit, over-sized like I like them to, so I got a couple of mens' T's and went at them with a pair of scissors.

Before: Boyish and boxy

After: More feminine and soft.

They look a lot better on. You need sharp scissors and a flat surface. All I did was cut right under the collar all around from the front, cut off the ends of the sleeves, right beside the seam and the same for the bottom. After each cut, you just stretch out the fabric a bit and it rolls a bit giving it a new edge. Cutting up brand new shirts? Great idea!


  1. i am borrowing those books chick!!
    the shirts look a million times better!!!

    love them.

    good luck tomorrow huffin and puffin!!


  2. LOL ... but really WOW that was a great idea ... :)

    Good luck with your 'huffin and puffin' :D

    Those books are on my wish-list.

  3. Mashallah! Great Job with the shirts (very daring). The fog was so thick that you can't see the other side of the street...mashallah.
    I've been wanting to read Eat, Pray, Love...let me know if its thumbs up or down.
    Happy reading and shaping!

  4. mona!!

    what a GREAT idea.

    i'm going to try them out on my hubby's old tshirts and if they work (cos i suck at this, usually) i'm going to get NEW ones to work on!!

    i wanna huff and puff too.

    i think i look like a cream puff without the cream. hahaha.

  5. Jujey, No problem, as soon as I'm done! Thanks. Go cut up a T shirt.

    Ms.Unique, Thanks!

    Rana, Thanks, It was odd, I've never seen it that foggy here before. I'll do a review of the books inshaAllah.

    KitPryde. Ha, you crack me up. I'm a cream puff, lol. I definitely recommend trying it out. Just cut RIGHT under the collar so you don't get a too wide scoop neck and end up with an 80s flashdance look.

  6. All the best in your huffin & puffin session!!! :D

  7. Hajar, thanks, sadly I did not get to go. My gym partner wasn't able to go/take us. Oh well, life goes on.

  8. I read both of those books - hope you enjoy! I like what you did with the shirts :)

  9. Amalia, I'm not surprised you have :) I'm a third of the way through "Bees" and loving it. Thanks.

  10. Anonymous2:06 AM

    I think it was a bad idea since I could use them if you quit your huffin and puffin

  11. Anon, Ha! ma3lish.


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