February 22, 2010

Trip Time

This last week before the second school term, we decided to take a quick little trip. E was in Damanhour so my mom, the kids and myself took a bus on tuesday to Alexandria and, man was it long. It was supposed to take 8-9 hours but it was a full 11 hellish hours on that bus. They played X-men Origins, Wolverine and some dumb 70's Egyptian movie. I listened to 3 pod-casts and read half a book. Salwa was sick 2 times and some guys behind us apparently never heard of headphones.


Keeping busy.
Safiyah took this one


Are we there yet?

When we finally arrived we were so glad to be out of there, we forgot all about that suffering and went to City Center Mall. They've expanded it a lot since I've been there last and it's really nice. Carrefour was insanely crowded so we got out of there and shopped for hijabs and accessories.

Zayneb is trying out hijab when she feels like it.

The next day we took it easy and stayed in Damanhour and did a little more shopping. Stuff is cheap there and hijabs were calling my name.

On Thursday we went to Green Plaza Mall had dinner and went to the movies. We saw Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. It was really cute and the kids had a blast! We walked around and did a little more shopping. I saw the Defile sign Ange posted about. Heh.

Who's your favorite? Theodore is mine.

Friday we went to Cairo and checked in to Pyramisa Hotel in dokki, then to City Stars Mall for dinner and did I mention we like shopping?
The view from on of the rooms.

In the morning.

Saturday we went to Dream Park and had a fun, amazing day! I'll do another post about that, but it was a great few days and I'm so glad we did it.

Getting ready for a fun day!


  1. Looks like so much fun, I don't know how you survived that bus trip. The picture of you looks so pretty though!

    Zayneb looks very cute in her hijab.

    I love the pic of Cairo in the morning, Cairo can be so beautiful sometimes.

  2. Jaz, Thanks Yea it was bad but worth getting to do something. And if you ignore the smog, yea it looks pretty ;)

  3. Masha'a'Allah! happy you had a great time. :))) Your very pretty, masha'a'allah. kids are very cute!!!! Masha'a'Allah. :)))

  4. Texan in UAE, thanks for the compliments. Yea it was a great time.

  5. Wow, you did a lot in a few days time. I don't do buses if I can avoid it. My husband tried to convince me to take a bus just from Cairo to Alex and I couldn't. I already get motion sick from the exhaust smell of buses, plus I was pregnant at the time. Now you need a vacation from your vacation to rest. lol.

  6. What a fun trip! I love all the pictures :)

  7. masAllah that's a beautiful pic! pretty lady

  8. Om Kareem, Yea we did. Buses suck but I really wanted to go.

    Amalia, Thanks!

    MJ, Thank you :)

  9. This post and all the pictures are so nice!The one that Safiyah took of you is just amazing.


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