February 9, 2010


The kids are off school for mid-year break and it's going alright. The days are long so we're always thinking of things to do to fill up the time. They want to stay up later and later but bedtime's 11 pm. It helps when I want to sleep in a bit. They go back the 20th so we still have over 10 days of vacation. Honestly, I'm not looking forward to going back to HW, studying, more books to cover for the second term, but usually the second half of school goes by fast, inshaAllah.

It was so nice and warm today, made me want spring to start already. I'm done with winter. Not that what we have here is a true winter but, it's winter nonetheless.

Who here in the Middle East watches Fatafeat? It's like The Food Network. I like Sunny Anderson and Nigella Lawson most. Giada De Laurentis gets on my nerves and comes off kind of phony, but she made some yummy looking chicken tetrazzini today. Watching this channel is dangerous though, it makes you hungry and sparks cravings! But it does give inspiration for dinner and desserts.

Anyone have a favorite podcast? I listen to 3 weekly. This American Life, Manic Mommies, and The Lost podcast by Jay & Jack. Anyone have a good pod cast to recommend?

Jorge Garcia who plays Hurley on Lost, just started one last week for Lost lovers, Geronimo Jack's Beard. In case you didn't know I write a weekly Lost Blog HERE. LOST fans, unite!

Tonight I went for a quick and easy desert, Strawberries & Banana slices with whipped cream and some chocolate sprinkles on top.


  1. I love fatafeat and I find a lot of good and easy dishes. I love Nigella Lawson and also sohba tayba, you might not like it because it's in arabic ;)
    My husband has been fixing fruit salad quit often last week and it was yum yum :) today I made the kids some jelly and put whipped cream on top, it looked nice but I didn't taste it. I should be going to bed since I have to wake up for school tomorrow, lucky you..

  2. I like to watch Sohbe Taybe too for the conversations but I have to really concentrate to get the Lebanese? kind of Arabic.

  3. I love fatafeat. And it's always something I can watch with the kids around without fear that there will be some explosion/dissection/shooting whatever. :-)

  4. Marcia, yep Fatafeat is a safe channel!

  5. I like fatafeat too. And you are right, Giada De Laurentis does come off phony...the way she mmmmm's her food makes me think she should be on another kind of channel. LOL!

    Great job with the blog changes, I love them.

  6. BTW, the 'quick and easy desert' looks very dlish!

  7. Rana,I laughed out loud for real about your Giada comment. Thanks!

  8. I stopped watching Fatafeat when I realized I was craving all the yummy looking food all the time. I listen to the psychfiles podcast when I remember to, it is quite interesting

  9. JessyZ, Lol, yea it does that. I'll look that podcast up, thanks!

  10. Giada's I-have-to-prove-I'm-an-authentic-Itialian-by-saying-everything-even-remotely-Italian-with-a-ridiculous-accent...makes me nuts.

    Spaghetti in Giada speak = sPagitEEE

    so annoying.

    I love the food channel. And I also like Sunny, she is real. She is an average weight, she isnt perfect, and she makes yummy food.

  11. Khadra, HA! Exactly! Yea Sunny is great and not saccharine sweet!

  12. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Oh MAMA MONA! That dessert looks mouth-watering GOOD JOB on making it look so delish! It seems that you're a great cook! You should write a book of recipes of your macarona bashamel and other great foods. You really inspire me to become a great mother. I love how you're so creative and cute mashaAllah. :)

    BTW - the Oscar Awards are on March 7th. Do you watch them? I'm just curious about who people think will win. Have you watched any of the 2009 movies that you think might win? I haven't watched Avatar yet but I heard that the director, James Cameron ( also director of Titanic) might win or his ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker. The Hurt Locker is actually in a tie between Avatar for best director. But I'm thinking The Hurt Locker will win for best director ( since they haven't had a women director in a long time) And for best picture, Avatar, since James Cameron had to wait almost 16 years to produce the film with such phenomenal technology. It really is cool. Any ways, if you do keep up with the Oscars, you might want to reply to this, I'm really curious these days. How about Best actor, actress and supporting actors/ess?
    Lameese D.
    Once again, I'm in love with your blog! :)

  13. Lameese, Thanks for all your sweet words.

    I do love the Oscars and thanks for telling me the date, I'm pretty sure the channel Fox Movies here will be showing them live.

    I never get to see the movies up for awards till later because we JUST got an English cinema here in Hurghada, and they show movies that are months old. I do love to watch for the show, my favorite actors and the dresses!

    Thanks again for your comment.

  14. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Hi MamaMona!

    Just stumbled on your blog, LOVE IT!

    Also wanted to let you know that my favorite show is "Sohbe Taibe" and there's actually a Facebook fan group for the show. The host, Suzan is part of the group and regularly interacts with her fans. Anyone is free to join!


    Keep up the good work!



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