February 14, 2010

~Now Smell This~

My new favorite is Flora. I just want to sniff it all day long. In second place, at this moment in time is Bvlgari, Jasmine Noir. It's darker and kinda heady. I love sweet/woody scents. Old fave was Lolita Lempicka and it's still really great to me, but you know you need to switch it up sometimes. Really, I'm not fancy nancy richy rich, I just have a lot of perfumes that were gifts from awesome people.

What's your favorite perfume?


  1. Asalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu!

    Another muslimah egyptian sister here.

    Your Perfumes are so pretty Masha'Allah. My favourite Perfumes are Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. It smells like the sweetest fruit and fresh. I also love Escada Magnatism. its so strong and has a distintive smell... I have alot of perfumes that smell so good but they are concentrated oil so I forget the names because the Arabic Perfume man makes them and puts them in nice bottles for me.


    Salamu Alaikummm.

  2. Sara, Hi, I never smelled the Britney one but Escada Magnetism is great. I love those pretty bottles!

  3. Wow Mona - Lolita Lempicka is my favourite too!! I do understand about needing a change sometimes though. I got a couple of new ones recently when I got married so I can mix it up a bit.

    One I love but have never owned is Cinema. I think it might be yves saint laurent.

  4. Ms. M, Lolita is just soo yummy!

  5. aSALAMU alaikum mona.

    Im not a fan of Britney but her perfume is just so delicious lol.

    But I never wear it anymore :(.

    You MUST try Amor Amor. It comes in a red bottle which isnt that attractive but the smell is soooooo fresh and scenty. I love it when I wear it i feel so young and girly.

  6. I've seen the commercials for the Flora perfume, but never smelled it...I'lll take your word for it though, I am sure it smells good.

    I love woody smells too...my absolute favorite is Armani Code, the mens and the ladies, they both smell absolutely awesome! My favourite sweet smell is Ralph Lauren 'Essence de femme'. My second favourite, its kind of old, is Miracle by Lancome.

    About Brittany Spears' Fantasy, it reminds me of a vanilla cake smell...soooooooooo sweet, but I wouldn't wear it out of the house because it would make EVERYONE chase me to see what that yummy smell is...lol. Also, the bottle is pretty.

    Amore Amore by Cacharel is very similar to Fantasy, it you like the very delicious sweet smells.

    Believe it or not, I prefer men's cologne over ladies because I like the woody smells!!! Strange, right?

  7. Sara, the fact that's its Britney might have turned me off of it. Kinda like Paris Hilton fragrances. I have amor amor! It's great.. look- http://mamamona.blogspot.com/2008/11/perfumes.html

    Rana, you'll be chased! I loved Miracle too! I'm weird about Men's cologne. I like old spice and jovan musk. I can smell it forever.

  8. I've never smelled any of those perfumes, but I've smelled some of Gucci's other ones and they're so nice! My favourites are Jean Paul Gaultier's for women (I love the shape of the bottles, the bodies with the little corsets! I only have one bottle but I want to collect all of them!).

    I also love Guerlain Insolence. A bottle smashed in my bag once while flying and all my stuff was soaked in its fragrance. Everytime I smell it, it reminds me of great times. It's weird how smells can take you back.

  9. Anonymous12:26 AM

    I'm always a bit put off by fragrances put out by people I don't like much too :O Even though I know the perfume could be really nice, I just don't even try it.

    I am also put off by perfumes with names like ''insolence'' - are they serious? I saw that recently but for the same reason didn't try it.

    I remember when Jean Paul Gaultier's first bottle like that came out (I'm that old :P) and it was sooo popular. I am attracted to the bottle sometimes admittedly but if I try it and I don't like it then it's no go.

  10. Jaz, I love when that happens. Blistex lip med-ex reminds me of 1996 and a certain deodorant reminds me of my first pregnancy. It's interesting.

    Anon, I'm the same, I love bottles but of course I have to love the scent. My favorite bottle I have is Lolita Lempecka. It's like a lilac apple.

  11. I absolutely LOVE Lolita Lempicka, it’s an all time fav for me. I also love to change, not to stick to one perfume and I like to have more than 2 at a time :)
    Right now I’m using sweet pea-B&BW, Coco Chanel & Allure- Chanel, Elle- YSL, and Eau De Fleur, Kenzo.
    Thanks for the inspiration; I think I am going to write about fragrances in my blog since I don’t have many ideas. Hope you won’t mind. TC

  12. Dr N, Of course not. I don't own the topic!

  13. I don't have one favorite, but I like soft scents; like mildly fruity or floral scents.

  14. Anonymous9:30 PM

    My faves - Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey and Banana Republic's Classic - although I barely ever wear perfume anymore (makes my hubby's nose twitch. hehe).

    Calvin Klein's Escape reminds me of high school and that stinkin skunk that raided our house b/c I kept trying to hide that skunk smell w/perfume - BAD IDEA (do you remember that??? lol).

  15. my ultimate fav would be ferragamo incanto shine.

    i don't know, i just LOVE the scent. and it has a pretty bottle too.

  16. MmmmMM don't get me started on perfumes. I've been called the perfume queen. LOL loving your blog! and come visit mine. Mona, were you ever on my forum?


    following yours... nice blog! masha'a'allah

  17. bzmomma, Yes I remember that! It always ruins a scent if you try to use it to mask something bad. Like air freshener, I can't keep buying the same one. Once I killed a big spider with hairspray and I hated the smell of it after because it reminded me of that ordeal.

    Kit Pryde, I don't know that one, I'm gonna google it to see the bottle.

    Texan in UAE, Thanks! I will, I think I was on your forum a long time ago!

  18. Umm Omar, Yea Fruity ones are great, I used to LOVE the Victoria secret ones.

  19. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I love perfume- collect the miniature bottles..its a weakness;)Tresor is a fave from college. Chanel No. 5 from childhood because my mother wore it-absolutely womanly. Kenneth Cole's Black or Micheal Kors Micheal smell like Pakistani weddings with the tuberose. Anything by Givenchy is Irresistible. Love Gucci's Envy me.
    oooh and attar anyone esp the kind from Saudi?

  20. Lordsfavor, I just LOVE Michael Kors, and anything tuberose. I smelled it once in a magazine and can't forget it.


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