February 8, 2010

Make Up & Stuff

Today the kids played for a little bit at the mall while I checked out the new make up store, Faces. It's like the Arab Sephora but not as good. Man, it was over priced. Dior Show mascara which sells for $24 in the US was 260 LE and sold out. I was like , oh pity. I was gonna buy one of each color. Yea right.

Anyway at a more reasonable store I got these.

I love cute stickers! The nail polish reminded me of the ruby red one Skye posted, not as great, but pretty.The Avon mascara is pretty good. Not goopy and it thickens well. I love this gloss, its a pretty plum/mauve shade and moisturizing as well.

This ring is bolder than I usually wear but I love it.

I ♥ shopping!


  1. I like the lip gloss. I happen to have a nail polish and lip gloss addiction.

  2. Shopping is always fun! The ring is beautiful mashallah and those stickers are so cute!

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Assalamualaikum,Anything that sparkles is good!! Umasiya

  4. Khadra, They are addictive, too many color/finish possibilities.

    My Getaway, Thanks, yea they are.

    UmAsiya, True,:)

  5. Cool stuff, mashallah. I love bold rings and that's what I usually buy. I also have a big addiction to lip gloss but I use the nail polish that my oldest daughter buy and she always buys the new fashionable ones :)

  6. Dr. N, Thanks, I really want one of those big rose rings but I haven't seen them here.

  7. When I come to visit Egypt I will bring you some with me, inshallah.

  8. That's great of you Nilly, I do hope we get to meet!


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