February 23, 2010

Bought Lately

6 hijabs and a couple of under-scarfs. I could totally have bought 20, but I was trying to restrain myself. There are SO many to chose from! There was on shop who had 2 for 1 at 45Le, so I got 2 there and I actually bought the one on the far left specifically to match the ring I bought below.

I finally found the rose ring I was looking for at Claire's but they only had this turquoise one, which was fine but I wanted black. It was the last one on clearance. Other stuff starting on the left, going clockwise, Eyeliner/Kohl, Heart/hoop earrings, a phone case/bag thingy, a rhinestone hair pin, below that, assorted hijab pins, stickers, a new wallet. I love it because it has a place for your keys, phone, money and id. All you need sometimes and all in a handy wristlet. Left of that is a cute mirror compact and red nail polish. Click the image to see the hijab pins better, I love them!


  1. I love your selection of scarves :) I have the exact same stripy one to the right of your picture :)

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I have a black rose ring w/some bling! lol...I'll send you a pic. I sell AVON on the side so I got it from their MARK line. I wonder if A) you have AVON there and B) if you have the same/similar stuff as we do here.

  3. loooooooove the ring!! and love the colour of it!! it's so u!! did u ever end up getting that eyeliner that u ordered from that girl?


  4. i love the ring!


    i'm inspired. time to go shopping. *evil laughter*

    i LOVE how reading your blog makes me wanna go shopping, mona. hehehehe.


  5. Amalia, Cool. I love the fabric of it!

    bzmomma, Cool. Yea we have Avon here but we don't have all the jewelery, bags, clothes and not nearly as many products. A friend used to sell it. I love the nailwear polish and this olive oil hair mask.

    Jujey, Thanks, I'll get it when I see her I suppose.

    Kit, Thanks...Small purchases fill the void just as well!

  6. Cute! What is that thing with the girl and bunny?

  7. My Getaway, it's a mirror/compact. I love the picture, It's so adorable.

  8. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Isn't it nice to do some shopping :)?!You found such nice things.I looove the mirror and it makes me think that I've to buy a new one.


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