January 17, 2010


Like my new template? I can't seem to keep the same one for more than a few months. I think it's cute and fun!

Yesterday was cool. We made a spontaneous trip to Jujey's and had a really nice day there. The weather was so nice, the kids wore their bathing suits and played in the sea. This has to be one of the best things about living here, mashaAllah. It's January and we can go swimming! Alhamdulillah. I shamelessly use her for her cat and beach privileges. I would have taken pics, and now I wish I did but I left my phone inside.

After we all got changed and cleaned up we had lunch. Jujey made me some yummy food. I was the sous chef and dish washer while she was the head chef. I had the distinct pleasure of eating her amazing carrot cake. It tasted so good and looked so pretty, just like the pictures. Thanks Juj!


  1. Oooweee!

    I'm in LOVE with that header. I've been meaning to make one. Where do you make yours?

    My header is kinda crappy :/

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Hi Mona :),
    I like your new templet.I wish I could make one.
    Oh...spontaneous trips to a good friend are the best ones!I've got to check that carrot cake ;)!

  3. yaaaa where do u make your headers?? love the layout :-D

  4. Thanks you guys. I use a combo of paint and photobucket.

    Jasmina, I'd be happy to help you. Add me on yahoo or msn. See my profile for my email address.

  5. Love the new look! It sounds like you had a great day!

  6. Nice template.

    Sounds like fun. Just curious-how does she have "beach privelages" and you don't? Do some people have beach homes there?

  7. Thanks Amalia!

    Umm Omar, Yea, she lives in an area that is strictly villas and they have a private beach there, its secluded so it's great. For me to go to any other beach it's either the free one which is dirty and some weirdo's swim with their tighty whities or pay 20 le per person in hotel beaches where there are lots of topless/bikini clad holiday goers.

  8. Love the new template and your header is really cute. You're lucky to go to the beach while it's freezing here!

  9. Mom of 212:07 AM

    Thanks for sharing..I had some cake cravings and so do my boys "always" at this time of the year "I guess it had to do with the warmth coming outta the oven plus the vanilla heavenly scents :).I checked your friends other blog"creative cooking"and its Masha'Allah full of rich recipes ..i had to try some..
    and swimming now!!thats something I wish I can do..missed that.

  10. Thanks Hijabee!

    Mom of 2, yea i love the smell of cake baking!!

  11. Wow, I love the new layout!! It looks awesome!

  12. Love the Green!!!

    We had fun that day too, i love unexpected visits!! and i thought it was going to be another typical borning day........glad u changed that!!!
    u are welcome to use me anytime!! heheh


  13. I love the new template :-)


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