January 21, 2010

Carrot Cake

So today I made Jujey's awesome carrot cake. It was easier than I thought, but I had her on msn asking questions all along.

I was worried about the icing part because I've never piped anything before but I just kinda winged it. I had a little extra green so Dawood suggested I write something. I thought Yum was appropriate. Next time, I think I will follow the recommendation and double the icing recipe.It wasn't enough to cover the sides and fill with plenty. I used toasted, chopped walnuts around the sides.

It was hard trying to do it with the kids hovering over me trying to get a lick of icing every 5 minutes. E loved it too.

I will definitely be making this again!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh that looks awesome!! u did a great job!! did u use the ziplock bag for a pipping bag as i suggested? ur cake looks so yummy and so moist!! U deserve to get spoiled today for making ur family an awesome dinner and dessert!!
    will there be any left for tomorrow???
    Did E love it?????

  2. This looks yummy. Excellent job :)

  3. yum yum! I can't wait to get an oven so I can cook things like this!

  4. Jujey, Thanks! Yea i did, worked well. I do don't I? lol Yea we have some probably will be gone for breakfast.

    Cosmic Cook, thanks!

    Amalia, get on that! JK.

  5. Mona I absolutely go nuts (sorry for the pun) for carrot cake...yours look scrumptious :-D

  6. reminds me of bugs bunny! the carrots are drawn on awesome, i can barely write with frosting lol! very cute

  7. Washi, lol I love puns. Thanks!

    MJ, you're too kind, I almost didn't post it cause I didn't like the icing but I was like, whatever.

  8. Oh, it looks really good!! I looove carrot cake, I'll have to try that recipe! Looks moist, too!

  9. OMG Mona!

    Good job. Was esp taken by the "Yum...." on the cake hahaha.

    So much so that now I have a craving for carrot cake.


  10. Anonymous6:32 AM

    LOL @ your "yum". It DOES look quite yum! It's almost midnight but now I'm craving carrot cake. ;)

  11. what does of cream cheese brand did u use?

  12. what about icing sugar?
    also do u have a pizza recipe u use with affordable egyptian cheese/pizza sauce that actually turns out good?

  13. Burgundy, I used Kiri, it works just as well as Philadepehia for a lot less $. Icing sugar is pretty much everywhere, the brand I get is called Doha.

    I don't have a pizza recipe but I used to get the ready half baked crust and use Heinz pizza sauce and Domty mozzarella.


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