January 18, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Because you just might get it.

I have been missing rain, and kept wishing it would rain here. Give the city a good washing. In the 6 years I've lived in Hurghada it's rained about 3 times, and barely a drizzle. Well last night we had a bit of a storm. Thunder, Lightning and heavy rain. At first it was cool, I got all excited and went out in the balcony to see/feel the rain.

I watched as electric boxes started popping and sparking. Stray dogs and cats ran in zigzag formation freaking out, like What do I do? Where do I go? Then the power went out. It went pitch black. That was around 3 am.The kids woke up and we lit candles and made shadow puppets. It was kinda fun. Here's how it looked outside at 6 am.

Can you see the swimming pool that is the street below? This place is just not prepared for any major rain fall. The school bus didn't come. There's no gutters and people don't expect things to get wet. E got held up for several hours on his way back from Cairo because roads were closed. Because of some rain. The power finally came back at around 9 am. The streets are still flooded in parts but as soon as the sun comes out, it'll dry up sooner. So I guess it's a good thing it doesn't rain much in Hurghada, huh?


  1. I blogged about the same thing this morning....school bus didn't come either.


    u think if i wish tonight, it will rain again????

  2. Its funny how different weather affects different places.
    Here in Portland it rains constantly, so its not an issue at all. However, when it snows the roads are impassable unless you put chains on your tires.
    In Minnesota it snows all winter, so they clear the roads right away and use salt. Its just all in what you're used to I guess!

  3. Juj, don't wish for more!

    Stacy, yea I guess whatever each place is equipped for. My kids were scared of the light thunder, they never heard it, or at least don't remember.

  4. Anonymous9:43 PM

    The same thing happens when it's snowing on the coast of Slovenia.
    We all wish for a bit of snow,but than everything/everyone goes crazy.

  5. Mom of 210:24 PM

    You reminded me of a famous incident which happened to me some 16 years ago.It was the night before my 19th birthday.I prayed that this day would be very special cuz its the last in my "teenage" and since i 'm sooo fond of rain,i asked God that it would rain "heavily"..the next day I wake up to find the famous Egyptian floods"1994"that unfortunately ruined some poor people's homes in southern Egypt!!..since that date I'm so very careful about whatever I wish cuz it seems "and sure that's a blessing"God listens to me well ;):D :D

  6. It really is about how well each place is equipped for things. It rains and snows all the time here and it's no big deal but I know how dangerous it can be for Egypt. Good thing it doesn't rain often!

  7. Jasmina, yea I guess it's a lesson.

    Mom of 2, wow, it was that bad? Alhamdulillah.

    Candice, Yea, it is, Good thing!

  8. Oh wow! What a storm! I guess it's a good thing it doesn't rain much there!

    We're having a rain storm here, since yesterday, it's nice unless you live in the hills and burn areas...then those people are facing mudslides...

  9. yup, I think it is a good thing to get some rain. it might sound a little crazy but i've always loved thunder storms (as long as noone/nothing gets hurt or damaged).

    the rain smells so good! i still run up and down the street when it rains :)

    it looks like it got real flooded. are the drains/sewage system not that good?

  10. Melissa, seems there's a lot of rain everywhere lately.

    Maryam, yea, not that good/non existant, same thing. :)

  11. When we were in Cairo last April it rained a bit and the road was a disaster. We were driving to the countryside south of Cairo to see my husband's family and we saw so many *bad* accidents in just a few miles of road. I was nervous since we had the baby in the car. I've never seen rain in Hurghada in all the years we've been going there.

  12. Om Kareem, Yea subhanAllah, I don't think people realize how different driving in the rain is.

  13. That's quite a rainfall... I wonder how long it took for everything to dry up...

  14. Hajar, It's starting to dry up now. Some dips in the road have water but alhamdulillah.

  15. sometimes when it rains.. i sometimes "accidentally" HAVE to walk in it (not the storms, but the gentle rain) because i love the rain so so SO much.

    *yes, i'm weird hahahah*

  16. Kit, not weird at all!


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