December 20, 2009

You Know It...Random Post

My Mom gave me this pin that belonged to my Grandmother, (Allah yerhamha) and I love it so much. I remember her wearing it. It may not have any monetary value as far as heirlooms go but it means a lot to me.

Yesterday Zayneb and I were looking at a stray cat that was creeping around outside and looking at the birds, we were like, aw how cute. Then we witnessed it hunt, and pounce on a bird, grab it in it's mouth and run away to have it for breakfast. It was pretty cool. Zayneb was like "it's like Animal Planet!"

I've been using Crest Whitestrips for 10 days now. 4 Days left. I definitely see a difference. I'll post before and after pics when the 2 weeks are up.

I'm cracking up at Jon Stewart. I love the Daily Show and The Colbert Report. They make me LOL for real.

Last week we had some pretty decent ice cream from Mรถvenpick. As ice cream in Egypt goes it's good stuff. They even have different flavors. You know, besides Mango, Chocolate and Vanilla? I had Espresso Croquant and Caramelita!

Yea that's all I've got.


  1. That's really neat that you have something from your grandmother.

    It's cool to watch animals but I usually end up feeling so sorry for the one who is preyed upon.

    Yes, I've used whitestrips and they do work!

    John Stewart and Colbert--definitely funny ;P

    If i was in Egypt, I'd prob. just replace ice cream for all the other Arabic sweets...

  2. Stephanie, Yea I used to feel the same way watching nature shows but now I'm just in awe. It's the food chain man, the circle of life.

    I love ice cream so much definitely way more than any Arabic sweets.

  3. This pin from your grandmother is beautiful. It has a vintage feel to it. My mum swears by the Crest White strips though I've never used them, would love to see before and after pics :)

  4. Hijabee, yea that's what I love too. Pics sooon!

  5. That's so nice your mom gave you your grandmothers pin, it's very pretty.

    The ice cream sounds good!

  6. ive wanted to use crest whitestrips, but werent sure they worked... thanks for testing for us :)

  7. Melissa, thanks!

    Angie, I've been wanting to for a while now so finally!

  8. sabiwabi3:54 PM

    Forget ice cream, you need to experience FROZEN CUSTARD (only in Milwaukee)....until then you just haven't lived. LOL.

  9. SabiWabi, Sounds good.


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