December 11, 2009

Recent Shopping

I got a few things in Cairo on our trip, Alhamdulillah, check it out...

I got these cute pumps, they're even comfy. I usually wear 38 but these are 37 and fit fine.

and this lovely bag ( both at Club Aldo in Dandy Mall in case anyone was wondering)

and this blue hijab. I love this, it reminds of a sari. I just took a pic after wearing it, sorry it's wrinkled.

and this ring from The Tie Shop.



  1. I love love the ring is so different!

  2. Very pretty. I have shopped in Beirut yesterday and got some nice things but the internt is so slow here that it won't let me upload them to my blog. Anyways, I love everything you've got, mashallah. Enjoy :)

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  4. I want that hijab!!
    Don't be surprised if it goes missing. Just sayin' ;)

  5. shopping is to much fun!

  6. Very nice! The scarf does look like a sari. I had a sari made into a shalwar qamiz years ago. it was beautiful.

    Happy Shopping!


  7. Mashallah I love shopping! Every girl needs new cute accessories once in awhile.

  8. Mistika, thanks I thought so too!

    Dr N, oh that sucks. enjoy anyway!

    Janny, Lol, its pretty isnt it?

    Angie, It is!

    Anisah, that's a great idea. India has the best fabrics.

    Stephanie Thanks, yes I love shopping for accessories cause size isn't an issue!

  9. The shopping trip will have been the icing on the cake for you I'm sure :-)

    I haven't shopped for accessories in years, your post put me in the mood to do so. I sort of stoppped seeing the point after having 3 babies in a row but now that the eldest is four I'm thinking mmm...some earrings, a watch, bracelets even ;-) Thanks for the reminder Mona, my DH will be so happy at my new wish list;-)

  10. I love it all - nice choices!

  11. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Oh so pretty,pretty things :)!The pumps are so super ellegant and the hijab is to die for.

  12. Cookability, Thank, it was! Yea accessories are great!

    Susie of Arabia, Thanks!

    Jasmina, thank you!


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