December 7, 2009

Our Trip, Part Two: Dakhla

The next stop was a "Bedouin Camp". It was a charming little "motel" of chalets with a few sights to see. We spent most of Eid day driving, but I was glad to have a meat free Eid. They served us Turkey that night, it felt like Thanksgiving!

The cute little chalets were dome shaped to keep them warm.
A little Bedouin FAQ
Inside the rooms.
Inside of the dome ceiling.
The kids thought the bricks would fall down.
The view from inside the misquote net.
Some Bedouin sayings. "Don't Struggle so much, the best thing happens when you not expected" "The Bedouin are strong like the dessert, soft like sand, moving like the wind, forever free" "Welcome as a guest, leave as a friend"
After dinner we sat at this round majlis type seating around a fire.
The Bedouin tea is strong and sweet, just how I like it.

The next day we went to see and ancient Islamic city from the 11th century near by. It was fascinating. Here is the Masjid and the Minaret.
Inside the Mosque.The original doorway had Quranic verses engraved over it.
Inside one of the homes
This was the school/courthouse

Next, we went to a place called "The Great Sea of Sand" As the Land Cruiser drove through miles of rocky dessert we approached in amazment and when my kids' said SubhanAllah, I was so proud.
It was my favorite part! It was gorgeous! Everywhere around as far as you could see , soft fine sand, dunes and hills.
Isn't it wondrous?
We had loads of fun playing in the sand and sliding and rolling down hills. It was a lot harder getting back up the hills but it was totally worth it.


  1. Wow what amazing sights! We will have to try to visit Egypt again someday and visit that way inshaAllah. Isn't the desert such an amazing part of God's creation.

  2. Thanks for sharing - these pics are truly amazing masha'Allah! My fave is the one of you among the dunes :)

  3. stunning! thanx for sharing!

  4. Wow :o)!I'm amazed by the beauty of everything you and your family could see.And,I'm so happy that you are sharing it with us.Thanks to you I discovered about Dakhla!
    The sand dunes are just great and I can belive you when you said that you were proud when your kids said SubhanAllah =)!Taht's so nice and sweet.

  5. Thanks everyone, We all really loved it!

  6. Yes it is wondrous!! I would love to see it all for myself. Looks like you had an amazing trip.

  7. Ms M , we did, alhamdulillah!


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