December 7, 2009

Our Trip, Part Three: Farafra

We stopped next for a little while in a place called Farafra. There was a natural hot spring there so we thought we'd check it out.
We actually changed and got in there! It was really warm and supposedly filled with minerals. It's supposed to be good for you. It felt good anyway.
The kids all got these scarfs tied Bedouin style.
Zayneb gives it a thumbs up.This guy was selling hand made wool scarfs , hats, etc.
This was at a rest area we stopped at, I liked the baskets.

E got in on the fun too.
This poor girl was so fatigued. The woman there said she's pregnant. I really wanted to give her a bath.
Dawood enjoys Coca Cola.
This guy's name is Felix . He was the friendliest, sweetest softest dog. We all fell in love with him.Pretty huh?

This was a nice little stop on the way to Wahat. The weather was great, alhamdulillah, not too hot or cold. I was a picture taking fool. I'll probably upload them all somewhere soon.


  1. ohhhhhhhh wow :)) im so glad u had a great time, u deserve it!

  2. Thanks Umm Travis :)

  3. masAllah how beautiful, it must have been so relaxing. i'd love to find something like that here! it seems as if you're really having an awesome vacation too, yay! i cant wait to see more inshAllah

  4. The kids look cute with their Bedouin scarves. I really like the look of the first dog too...she looks ''wiry''. :)

  5. Thanks, yea she does!

  6. i love the photos from your trip!


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