December 5, 2009

Our Trip, Part One: Luxor

The first stop on our trip was Luxor. I've never been therebefore. It's beautiful, and so green. Well, because of the Nile, but it's really gorgeous. Here are some pics from our day/night there.

The view of the Nile at the hotel was breathtaking.
The kids. Dawood is Yoyo crazy.
Me and the kids.
Sphinxes line a path to the Luxor Temple
Rameses guard the temple.
Inside the Temple
E and the kids explore.

The view on Eid Morning.
Then we were back on the road!

We visited the mummification museum but no photo's were allowed. It was interesting, The girls were a little grossed out, Dawood thought it was cool. Next stop...Dakhla.


  1. Machallah, next visit to Musr will be hubbys first in 7 years so he is going to take us everywhere he never went to in musr and Siwa is one of our destinations,look great now im really looking foward to it. Im happy you and the kids had a great time and Eid Mubarak Kulli sena wenti tayeba.

  2. wow, the Luxor temple looks cool at night! Seems also creepy in a way though. I think Luxor was my favorite place we visited in Egypt by far, but of course we didn't make it to the Red Sea coast where you live :-)
    Have you been to Aswan?

  3. A belated Eid Mubarak to you habibti! Glad you all had such a great time, love the photos.
    We visited Luxor around 5 years ago and enjoyed the few days we spent there.

    Look fwd to more.

  4. the photos are really nice!

  5. wow it looks clean! now i really want to visit luxor. inshallah one of my destinations next time i visit

  6. luxor is the coolest. fond memories there!

  7. Aneesah, yea its a great place to visit, I'd say a must for Egypt.

    Stacy, yea I guess it does, it didn't feel creepy..but it kinda looks it in the pics. I've never been to Aswan. You?

    Cookability, Thanks, It was fun.

    Angie Nader, Thanks. I took soooo many.

    Eloquence, Yea I guess most of the main touristy roads of any city in Egypt is clean.

    Ange. It really is :)

  8. Mona, thanks for sharing...I can't wait to come out of Egypt next year insha'Allah...the tour we're be coming on doesn't include Luxor...although we will be sailing on the Nile...

  9. gosh Mona, I know you really gonna think I'm an idiot now!! I meant to say "come out TO Egypt" LOL

  10. We took a train from Cairo to Luxor and then cruised the Nile to Aswan, stopping in Edfu and Kom Ombo on the way. It was awesome! The Aswan dam is man-made but its a pretty amazing site as well. We also saw a lot of Nubians down there, whose language is somewhat related to Somali!
    The cruise was actually arranged with an Egyptian agency after we were in Egypt, so I'm sure you could set up something similar.

  11. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us :)!Kiss,kiss my honeybee...

  12. Lovely pictures... glad to see you are having a great time. Yay for holidays! =)

  13. Washi, not at all. Typo's happen. Sailing on the Nile sounds amazing.

    Stacy aka Fahiima, I know some people who did that same trip, I bet it's lovely.

    Jasmina, Thanks, I'm glad you like them.

    Shahirah, thanks. Yea I can't wait for more trips!

  14. ma shaa Allah!! i loved Luxor!

  15. masAllah! i wanna go thereeee! it looks so enchanting at night.

  16. Thanks Mistika, Umm Travis, and MJ!!

  17. Lol - I reckon all my kids would love the ''Mummification'' museum!

  18. Ms M it was cool but a little small. There was a brain and a mummified baboon as well as an actual human mummy.

  19. Ms M it was cool but a little small. There was a brain and a mummified baboon as well as an actual human mummy.


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