December 8, 2009

Our Trip, Part Four: Wahat

Next we moved north to Wahat el Baharaiyah. Wahat means Oasis. There was also some great dessert sights.

Our tour guides were great. They were so friendly and hospitable. They took us out in 4x4s and showed us the sights.
First there was the black mountain.
Then Chrystal MountainPretty isn't it? The whole place is like that.

Next was the White Desert. This is where we spend the remainder of the day. It was gorgeous. This was my other favorite part!
The kids had fun climbing.

Dawood posing, It just might roll away.
This one they called the chicken.

Kids goofing it up.
They made a little seating area in the middle of the desert.
Starting a fire for cooking.
The desert sure makes you hungry.
Sunset on the White Desert.
They made a delicous dinner IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT! Grilled Chicken, rice and stewed potatoes & carrots. It was seriously good.
More Bedouin tea.
Then we all sat around the fire. it was so cozy!
It was a full moon or almost, I think. It was really a great day we'll remember forever.


  1. Looks like an amazing trip Mona. Thanks for adding the photos. The chicken looks like one to stay away from, lol. Your black mountain pic looks very similar to a picture I took on the South Island of New Zealand which is funny. Totally different terrain, yet the look of the pic - sooo similar.

  2. Your trip just gets more and more cool! Did you guys set this all up with a travel agency beforehand?

  3. Ms M Interesting. I'd love to see that pic.

    Stacy aka Fahiima, My husband and our friends we went with both work in travel and know people so it was easy, a few calls and it was set alhamdulillah.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, would love to do this kind of trip with my family. Am in awe!

    Looks like a hearty meal that they arranged for you guys - yummy, yum, yum! Nothing like supper under the stars :-)

    Everyone looks happy and healthy MashaAllah.


  5. wow I am so jealous! Ma shaa Allah what a great trip

  6. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Mashallah, Absolutely Amazing! Your stunning pictures show that you all had a faboulous time. It looked really beautiful, Can't wait to hear all about it! Too cute pics of the kids. Love Eman... sorry i couldnt sign in for some reason..

  7. Mashaa Allaah that sounds and looks sooooo fun! All four parts of the trip! And soooooo "just what I need" :) I'd love to know how much something like that costs...Sokhna and Alex look real boring compared to your trip, lol! Time for a change! I know you said you got a hookup, but could you tell me (by email if you like) what the normal price is? Thanks!

  8. Naseem the original!!!!!!!!6:34 PM

    imagine you guys went around the country and while you were drawing it on the map it made like a smiley face or something? lol that would be so funny

  9. OMG Mona the views are amazing, masha'allah. I am glad that you and your family had good time. Your trip made me put eygpt on the top of my list for places I want to visit. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. awww, yay!! those are seriously 3 cool places. i wanna google the crystal one especially to figure out whats up with that, lol. i can't wait for the next post!

  11. i love all types of nature...and that was the most inviting dessert i've ever seen...
    looks like you all had a nice day :)

  12. salaamz sis
    masha'allah it looks like you all had such a wonderful time

  13. great great pictures! mashaAllah!

  14. You received an award. ^^ -

  15. Thanks everyone! So glad I got that all out. The whole time I was like, "This is gonna make an awesome blog post!"

  16. What a great fun trip - it's something the kids will always remember and cherish. Love all your pics - that crystal is amazing!

  17. Susie, yea I hope they do, thanks!!

  18. Susie, yea I hope they do, thanks!!


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