December 30, 2009


Kosharee is a traditional Egyptian dish and it is sooo good. Here's how I made it yesterday.

I used this recipe but tweaked it a bit to my liking.

Save the oil to cook the rice and use for the sauce...Gives it great onion flavor.

Brown them but don't burn. It's fine line.

Drain the lentils and mix in with the cooked rice.

I used regular Egyptian rice with vermicelli. The sauce is more authentic when you brown some minced garlic in the onion oil then add a little white vinegar. Then add the rest of the sauce ingredients and simmer.

Top with the onions and chick peas if you have any. It's good and filling. My kids love it!


  1. this post has brought me to the verge of tears. i really, really want some. God bless your hands and your meal. Sahtain!

  2. Tears Shawna? Aw, I wish I could bring you some. Really, it's so simple. Cook rice, Boil lentils, boil pasta make sauce and fry onions. A little bit of work but it's easy.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I'm of Egyptian heritage (though I was made in the USA) and I LOVE kosharee!! I also like ma7shi! (stuffed grapeleaves)
    Thanks for reminding me of Egpyt. When I miss it, I visit your blog..It makes me feel like I'm virtually there..May Allah (swt) reward you! AMEEN

  4. Veiled Knight, I'm made in the USA too :), I like that. Thanks, Ameen!

  5. ive never seen that not good at new recipes :(

  6. I LOVE kosharee so much! I need kosharee! I am droooooling!

  7. Angie, it's so easy and tastes great.

    Candice :) make some, one batch is a lot.


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