December 24, 2009

A Day At Jujey's

When I woke up this morning, while having breakfast I checked my email and msn-ed with my friend Jujey, as we do every day. She was like, why don't you guys come over? So I was like, OK! So off we went and got a cab to the boonies, where she resides. We got to play with their cute little kitty and made cupcakes! It took no time at all but we had to shoo 8 kids trying to eat sprinkles. They came out pretty good. The weather was so beautiful today, the kids played outside and we took a short walk to the beach. Pretty soon, going in up to their ankles turned into jeans wet to the waist. Then we collected some flowers from trees that the grounds keeper was trimming and I took some home to make an arrangement. Thanks Juj, we had fun!

Salwa & SuSu

SuSu' so pretty!

Hundreds and Thousands

Safiyah, nom, nom, nom.

Dawood and his faces.

I'm thinking I wish it were summer.

The water is just that inviting.

Drying off.

More pics at Juj's blog. :)


  1. Mona, MashaAllah your children look so happy and healthy! :-)
    Very envious of walk down to the beach, how lovely! I'd love a cupcake...or two....but shhhhh! ;-)

  2. nice...ur kids are so cute mashAhllah...i enjoy ur blog 2!

  3. We had tons of fun!! Next time i am going to push u into the water...ok???

  4. Cookability, Thanks, alhamdulillah.

    Dust n Roses, Thank you!

    Jujey. Not ok.

  5. how sweet...all the kinds hanging out and smiling!


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