December 23, 2009


I buy Happy Meal toys for myself.

When they are Hello Kitty!

They're stamps ♥


  1. I too love getting the kids toy in kids meals. Wish we had those cute hello kitty stampers in the states. :(

  2. oh yeah we live in cairo too and my toddler loves those stamps (and so do i) but we only have been able to get the blue. and i really really want the red one. which mc donalds did you go to for it?

  3. when i was a kid, mcdonalds toys werent so they are now

  4. I still have 2 complete years worth of teeny beanie babies from when I worked at McD's during the insane beanie baby crush of the late 90s. Too cute to part iwth.

  5. So weird, I'm not getting all my comments to my inbox.

    Chrissy, They don't? I thought most of the toys were everywhere.

    Guerrillamamamedicine, I live in Hurghada and they were out of the pink one!

    Angie Nader, I think you're right. I remember getting a plastic bag like Ronald Mcdonald hand puppet.

    Rahma, Wow, one day you're kids will play with them. :)

  6. Right now the toys are the toys from the movie Avatar...not all that great. I did get these cool MadLib things from Wendy's today. The girls were not impressed though. I still remember doing MadLibs on the bus in elementary school. I think when the girls go to sleep tonight I am going to crawl into bed and with the madlibs and giggle like I am 9 years old again.

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  8. lol....i want one of them...just kidding ...

    i hope your enjoying your life:)

    nice blog by the way ^_^

  9. I've always love these toys. The hello kitty ones are too cute :)

  10. I love them too. I have the pink one only. My daughter and I spent a day stamping all over each other until I hid it.

  11. so what else would u like to confess.....come on, one confession is not enough....what else r u hiding???? hehehheeh


  12. Chrissy, Hahah! I want madlibs now.

    Safa7, Thanks!

    Hijabee..I know I have to get them!

    Jessy, that's so cute. I'm too uptight for that.

    Jujey, That's none of your beeswax. :P


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