November 19, 2009

This, That And The Other Thing

So yea Egypt lost. Oh well. I felt bad for all the people they looked so sad. The Egyptian channels had hours of coverage about Algerian fans attacking Egyptian fans after the match. A lot of eyewitnesses and injured people. It was weird. We lost!

Today my son told me about how his science teacher says Homo-Genius instead of Homogeneous. I got a good chuckle out of that.

I heard the Eid break is until December 6, so that's good. I'm so sick of studies. We'll probably go to my husband's home town. Maybe a little shopping in Alex, inshaAllah and visit my Dad.

I watched Julie & Julia recently. I really wanted to see it but it was just OK, not great. I thought Meryl Streep did a great job playing Julia Child but her voice was annoying at times. I know that's how she sounded. I kept thinking I'd hate to be at the table next to her in a restaurant being disturbed by her loud high pitched OH's an AH's. Speaking of not wanting to sit near someone in a restaurant, the guy that played Amy Adam's husband ate like a pig and grossed me out with his eating habits. Ugh. I like Amy Adams but didn't like her character, Julie very much. Stanley Tucci was good though. I usually don't like his characters. All in all it was cute. I'd watch Meryl Streep read the phone book,though.

I was going to buy a new stuff for Eid but I think I'll just buy from Alex. Stuff is less expensive and there's more selection. I did buy a new green hijab. I love it it's really soft.

The kids have "Children's Day" on Saturday. It's only up to 4th grade so Dawood's left out. How sucky right? They're not children? The girls are exited cause they get to go with regular, non uniform clothes and no books and there's a party. Everyone had to bring 2 things. snacks, balloons, party hats etc. It's all they can talk about.

Safiyah keeps saying what letter everything start with, it's cute. She's like look, B. Bird. Mommy, I found T. Tape under the couch. She does it with Arabic letters/words too, but sometimes confuses the two.

I'm gonna go wash the dishes. Fun huh? Later.


  1. Assalamu alaikum Mona. I was glad to hear about..not Egypt losing, but Algeria winning - YAY!! Though I'm never glad to hear about violence that has any connection to sports. I mean come on - it's a game!! That's all. But some people look for those occasions as an excuse I guess.

    I enjoyed this post...just hearing about what you and your family are up was nice. :)

  2. That's cute that Safiyah is trying to learn to spell. I'm trying to teach Layla a few Arabic words here and there.

  3. Ms. M, I know I can't believe all that's happening because of soccer. Thanks:)

    Stacy aka Fahiima, That's great, they pick up so much when they're so young.

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    HaHa! Homo-Genius! I liked Julie & Julia as well!

  5. homo-genius LOL...the non-English speaking South Africans also murder the English language like that!

  6. lOL @ Homo-genius! I agree about Julie&Julia, I expected more out of the it but it was just an okay movie. Btw, I love your new blog layout.

  7. how sad that people fight over a soccor game.. but i guess people fight over a lot of silly things...

    i think its very cute that your daughter is saying the letter with each word...

  8. Anon, I know it was so funny!

    Washi, It's funny that they don't get it. Can't blame them, but it's hilarious.

    Hijabee, Yea I thought it would be better. Thanks!!

    Angie Nader, Yea it's like an all out war now. Lol, yea it's cute ;)

  9. I haven't seen Julie & Julia yet, I wanted to (I actually forgot about it). Maybe I won't see it now if it wasn't that great.

    That's really cute your daughter is saying the letters the words begin with! :)

  10. Melissa, It's not bad, just not as great as I expected. :)

  11. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Hi Mona,my honeybee =)!
    Oh...I'm sorry you didn't like the movie Jlie & Julia.I saw it yesterday and I liked it so much.I posted about it,too.
    I hope you'll have fun on your trip and please if you buy yourself new things,please post pictures of them.I'd so like to see it =)!
    I send you a hug and I wish you and your family a nice vacation.

  12. Jasmina, oh I liked it but I just thought it would be better. I look forward to reading your post! I'll surely post pics of any purchases, inshaAllah. Hug! Salam :)

  13. pictures of the green hijab, pls!! (preferably you in the green hijab hehehe)

    and washing dishes are always fun.... if you think what you'd find if you DIDN'T was them!! *chuckles*

  14. Kit Pryde, I was just wearing it the other day, I'll try to take a pic soon :)


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